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How to choose a model photographer

When you are choosing a model photographer, there are many things to consider. The following are some tips to help you choose the best photographer for your needs.
As an in-demand professional headshot photographer, requests for model photography are growing.
Model photography is an art form that has been around for many years. The first model photographs were taken in the early 1800s. At that time, the models were not professional and they did not have any training. The photographers would simply ask someone to stand in front of the camera and take a picture.
Recently, my Instagram followers have included preteens, graduates, and business owners. With more than half of the requests from men.
It is likely that many of my ‘models’ don’t think of themselves as models at all. Some are looking for a job; others want to be a model because it’s a fun way to meet people.
I help people from all different age groups from those who are starting out in their careers to people who have been working for many years. 

Have you ever thought about modelling?

Modelling is a way to show people what you look like and what you can do. It’s a way to show off your skills and your beauty. Yet, the idea of stepping into a studio for the first time can make some quake in their boots. When you’re getting ready for a model photoshoot, sometimes there is a lot to think about.
One way to experience what it feels like to be a model is to plan your first model photoshoot. During the photoshoot, you’ll need to pose in different ways and feel confident in front of the camera. It can be helpful to have someone take professional photos of you so that you can see what looks best.
When choosing a model photographer, you might want to consider their experience. This means that they have been doing this for a long time and know what they’re doing. Another thing you might want to consider is their style. This means what kind of photos they take and what their photos look like. You might also want to look at their rates to see if it falls within your budget.

model photographer with red haired model in green dress

What is a Professional Model Photographer?

There are many women and men who are attracted to the possibility of having a beauty or body confidence session that makes them feel like models for the day. And working with that all-important professional model photographer is key. As your model photographer, I will always offer a helping hand in arranging and coordinating the smooth running of your shoot.

What should I look for in a Model Photographer?

When looking for a model photographer, you should look for someone who produces flattering lighting and knows how to use it. This will help your photos look their best. You should also look for a photographer who is experienced in posing models and knows how to make them look confident and attractive.

Most importantly is their ability to support and encourage the people they work with. A modern model photographer is often compared to a magician, calming nerves, posing expertly, guiding the models thoughtfully, and providing a great experience.

While some model photographers rent studios, others use Airbnb rooms, I prefer to work at your home or from my Seaview Studio.

The trend of female photographers is increasingly focused on celebrating each person’s unique beauty by highlighting their qualities and skills, rather than simply taking a pretty photo.

You’re interesting (& beautiful) to me!

red haird model sits by window

What to typically look for in a model photographer:

  • A consistent style of photography going across their portfolio
  • Recent reviews from real clients
  • Integrity over social media
  • Someone you ‘gel’ with (hint get on the phone)
  • Artful editing in Photoshop (no fake filters please)
  • Mastery in flattering posing
  • Have your friends worked with them?
Model photographer photo session with red haired model
Model photographer photo session by Amanda Herbert using film camera

Why Female Model Photographers are better (sort of)

A feeling of comfort plays an integral role in producing jaw-dropping modelling photos. These 2-hour sessions are exhilarating (and a little tiring, too).

There are many different types of photographs you can create, which include: headshots, beauty, boudoir, body confidence, fashion and magazine inspired. Having a female photographer makes the process of discussing clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and changes of outfits a lot easier.

It’s important to note that men, too, can seek female photographers for portraiture. However, I’m frequently up-to-date on the latest photography styles and trends because I’ve been selected and hired specifically for my expertise and know-how in women’s portraiture. See my reviews here.

Every photographer is different and will offer varying forms of modelling advice and will be quite different in their approach due to their experience, outlook and artistic expression.

If your model photographer strikes up a bond and gains trust with you, model photo sessions are fantastic experiences. As I work with aspiring models one-to-one, I often spot how I can support your outfit choices, explain how to pose naturally and step in to combat those niggling nerves with discretion.

red haired model in black dress

Advantages of hiring a model photographer

  • Celebrate your successes with a life-affirming, ‘here I am!’
  • Boost your confidence
  • Relish in feeling like a model for the day
  • Kick start your career
  • Apply to modelling agencies with confidence
  • Fantastic portfolio of images to share on social media

red haired model looks moody by window

Top Tips for Hiring a Model Photographer

  • Research, research, research
  • Find the time to talk to your top 3 choices
  • Speak to friends who’ve worked with them
  • Make sure you’re on the same page (do you like the images in their model portfolio?)
  • Ensure you’ll enjoy their company
  • Check their recent and archived reviews

If you are interested in finding out more information on hiring me as your model photographer, please call me on +44 (0)7719316609 or use the email below.  I’ll contact you to speak more in detail about your modelling aspirations and answer any questions you might have.


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