Turn Your Underperforming Headshot

into a Personality-Packed Masterpiece

Isle of Wight Headshot Photographer

Because your LinkedIn profile needs more than a simple headshot

A strong photograph is important, sure. But I need to challenge your idea that it's 'okay' to use a selfie, a photo taken by your friend, or an out-of-date headshot from your university days. A photo snapped on your phone is no substitute for a stunning headshot that establishes your authority and expertise.
Isle of Wight Headshot Photographer
Isle of Wight Headshot Photographer

Say Goodbye to Camera Fear

with Your Isle of Wight Headshot Photographer

Is the thought of having your headshot taken making you nervous? As an experienced Isle of Wight headshot photographer, I understand that this feeling is common for many people before a session. But I’m here to put your mind at ease – once we start our shoot, I guarantee you’ll feel relaxed, confident, and even excited to be in front of the camera.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of people just like you across the Isle of Wight. From business professionals to actors and everyone in between, my clients all have one thing in common: they want honest, open, and confident headshots that showcase their unique personality and radiate with genuine laughter and love.

As your trusted headshot photographer, I take pride in my warmth, empathy, and ability to create a comfortable atmosphere during our session. It’s my natural affinity with ‘first-timers’ and camera-shy individuals that helps me draw out your true confidence, resulting in portraits filled with authentic smiles and laughter – the hallmarks of a truly enjoyable and successful headshot experience.

Discover the perfect headshot package for your needs – book a consultation with your Isle of Wight photographer today!


Elevate Your Career with Professional Headshots on the Isle of Wight

Your Premier Isle of Wight Headshot Photographer Helps You Win the Job, Launch Your Book, or Showcase Your Talents
Are you putting off getting your headshot taken, even though you know a professional Isle of Wight photographer can help you land your dream job?
Do you worry that you won't take a good photo and find yourself telling everyone, "I'm just not photogenic"?
Are you struggling to finish your eBook, submit your CV, or complete your life's work because you don't have a high-quality, professional headshot of yourself?
Sounds like you could benefit from my services.
headshot for isle of wight actor by an Teen headshot for Client Stories by an Isle of Wight Headshot Photographer

CLIENT REVIEWS“Amanda is so amazing! Absolute joy to work with.

She is professional, organised, fun and really knows what she’s doing. Great at using natural light to create stunning pictures. You can tell that she has a real love for photography and puts her all into everything she does which is why our shoot went so well. She has a real skill for putting people at ease and capturing great portraits of even the most camera-shy. Highly recommended.”

HEADSHOT FOR CEO“Amanda is incredibly skilled and easy-going, she works at a fast pace which I love!

Her style is very recognizable. She made me feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. I would highly recommend Amanda for anyone looking for professional headshots, especially those that may be a little camera shy.”

CHILD ACTOR“Amanda is an incredibly skilled photographer on the Isle of Wight!

She really is a gem. She understood right away how to work with my daughter and what we were after. Mandy put in a lot of effort to ensure my daughter felt comfortable. She is the first photographer I met with such expertise for portraits. Her level of awareness of details is incredible.”



✔ Get lots of compliments on your photos

✔ Look your best

✔ Shine with confidence


✔ Establish your authority

✔ Elevate your LinkedIn profile

✔ Make more money


✔ Standout to casting directors

✔ Display your versatility

✔ Apply for roles with confidence

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Meet Your Isle of Wight Headshot Photographer!

Empowering Isle of Wight Professionals with Authentic, Confidence-Boosting Headshots

From Cowes’ bustling regattas to Seaview’s pastel-hued seascapes, I’m an Isle of Wight portrait photographer who excels at capturing character and personality in contemporary photo shoots. As a skilled headshot photographer, I have a gift for putting even the most camera-shy individuals at ease, ensuring that their warmth and unique style shine through in every portrait.

Based on the Isle of Wight, I’m surrounded by vintage seaside charm and soft, natural light that creates the perfect backdrop for my headshot and portrait photography. In this serene setting, life slows down, allowing me to focus on capturing the essence of my subjects and the close family bonds they hold dear.

As a professional Isle of Wight photographer, my natural affinity with people allows me to showcase your true character and warmth in front of the camera, resulting in portraits that you’ll cherish for years to come.

01Portraits bursting with life

Fully guided and supported, I draw on my 10 plus years of experience to deliver quality headshots that establish your authority, guarantees the right kind of connections and growth for your business.

02Delivering a premier service

Combining my business know-how with design, branding and technical expertise I customise each session by coordinating a cohesive style that elevates your business marketing.

03Partnerships built on trust

I genuinely enjoy the experience of getting to know you, your life and loves. I work supportively alongside my clients to ease their camera-phobia through a supportive, efficient and professional approach.

Hire Me

Your premier Isle of Wight headshot and portrait photographer delivering a premier service.

As a leading Isle of Wight headshot photographer, I am dedicated to delivering a premier, client-focused service that caters to your unique needs. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing authentic personalities, I specialise in creating powerful, engaging headshots and portraits that help you make a lasting impression.

Shine with confidence
Stand out to casting directors
Apply for jobs with confidence
Establish your authority
business man smiles for CEO headshot Teen headshot for Client Stories by an Isle of Wight Headshot Photographer
Quicker than a chat over coffee! Give my 30 minutes of your time & I'll create headshots you love.
seagrove bay family photo
Everyone deserves a beautiful photo of their loved ones.
the floral boutique
Business photos designed to be so powerful, prospective clients (& competitors) are compelled to connect!
gift card
Make loved ones feel truly special, my vouchers are a gift of love.

Headshot Photographer on the Isle of WightBusiness Portraits that inspire confidence

As a leading headshot photographer on the Isle of Wight, I specialize in creating expressive, high-quality portraits that help you make a lasting impression on LinkedIn and beyond.

With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, I know how to bring out the best in every subject, whether you’re a business professional, actor, or simply looking to update your personal brand.

My personalized approach and expert guidance ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, resulting in images that truly reflect your authentic self.

From my welcoming studio in Seaview to picturesque outdoor locations across the Isle of Wight, I offer a range of professional headshot photography services tailored to your specific needs.

Professional Headshots Help You …

✔ Shine with confidence in your professional headshots

✔ Establish your authority and expertise with compelling portraits

✔ Learn proven poses to look your best in every photo

✔ Feel at ease and relaxed during your headshot session

✔ Receive your high-quality photos quickly and easily

✔ Follow a step-by-step process outlined in your personal guide

✔ Engage your target audience with authentic, expressive headshots

Discover the power of professional headshot photography services tailored to your needs. As a leading Isle of Wight headshot photographer, I specialize in creating stunning, personality-packed portraits that elevate your personal brand and help you connect with your ideal audience.

Book your session today and let’s work together to create headshots that make a lasting impression!

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