Actor Photo Ideas

“Amanda Herbert is an enthusiastic actor photographer. Relaxing yet motivating company while working. If you know what you want. She will deliver it. If you are unsure she will work with you to deliver the right outcome. Very completive rates and by far the best photos I have had in a long time. The best on the island in my opinion.”

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Actor Photography Ideas

Craig MacDonald once famously said, “The best acting is instinctive. It’s not intellectual, it’s not mechanical, and it’s instinctive.”

This quotation came to mind when I met Peter, a talented actor and performer with gigs in the UK and further afield. I knew straight away we’d create something breathtaking from intense gazes to welcoming laughter in the guise of ‘family dad’ vibes.

I wanted to appear to defy Peter’s reservations with his lockdown haircut and showcase his wonderful ability to transform himself in front of the camera. Indeed, classic Hollywood films are a big influence in Peter’s career and my artistic pursuit for the ‘perfect portrait’.

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Actor Photography Tips

Actor Photography Updates

Needing to update his acting portfolio with fresh looks that showcase his new style, these headshots manage to marry not just a cool, suave narrative but also the splendour of Peter’s personality, highlighting his warmth, humour, and generous nature.

Peter has a love of contemporary, modern plays alongside the challenge hidden within more complex characters, whilst his agent also knew that Peter works well with ‘the family man’ role that gives a ‘life-lived well’ feel that accommodates family-friendly performances.

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Start with your vision

My starting point is to always transform my client’s vision for their headshots and create strong, connected personas that zing with joie de vivre.  Much like a family heirloom that will be loved through the generations, I want your portraits to leave you smiling like warm, sunny days. Peter explains,

“What was important was the experience of progressing through the headshot session, from the first time I met Mandy, with her welcoming outlook, to the excitement of seeing my proofing gallery. Mandy designs a session as a sequence of different ‘pep talks’ or ‘supportive pow-wows’ that culminates in the drama of seeing these incredible portraits delivered straight to your email.”

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Actor Photography Collaborations

Bespoke portrait sessions are very much a collaboration between myself and my clients as I bring their dreams to life. Peter’s love and appreciation for his new portfolio have not dimmed with time and when we bump into each other on St Helen’s green we immediately start planning a summer play-date to create film reels to accompany these portraits.

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For Peter, top-quality photographs that shine with charisma have been a culmination of a long-held dream that started when new jobs were being herded in by his agent. “Working as a performer is a privilege. You might be poorly paid. Exhausted and wondering where the next job will come from, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

I offer actor photography & headshot services. If you’re looking to get high-quality photography for your portfolio, headshots for actors and performers, find out more!

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