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If you’re wondering what to wear for your headshot session, these tips will help anyone look amazing in photos. Make packing a breeze! Take a look at these outfit ideas for headshots!

What to wear for professional headshots (and why these outfits are so flattering)

As a mature woman of a certain age who also happens to be a photographer, I’ve had plenty of practice in styling and designing sessions for people who want to look confident and approachable, fresh and bright but also true to themselves. I’ve a few tried and tested tips I’d like to share so you can master what to wear for your professional photos.

So, if you’re able to embark on a headshot photo session and are having a wardrobe meltdown, these tried and tested looks will work like a charm to help you nail that polished, professional look.


why long sleeves are flattering


Here’s a guide for how to prepare for corporate photoshoots

I try to approach portrait photography with a modern and fresh style and want my photos to look confident, flattering and effortless. Rather than an overly staged look, I aim more for a subtle and slightly spontaneous feel that helps you engage followers, connect with clients and elevate your business in a professional manner.

Because my style for portraiture is more simple and engaging, I do tend to suggest things that are fuss-free, simple and elegant– think more tailored trousers, formfitting skirts, and cashmere jumpers over a shirt or blouse and minimal jewellery, rather than plaid, logos and tons of chunky jewellery.

When choosing your wardrobe options, keep it to solid neutral colours, as we don’t want anything to take too much away from your face. Pack your three wardrobe options, cleaned and ironed along with a hairbrush, makeup bag and women might need a change of underwear from nude to black depending on your outfit.


colours to wear for a professional headshot

What is the best colour to wear for a headshot?

Colour is a large part of my photography. Simply pick the style that reflects your personality and head over to your wardrobe. Pick colours that match the location and you’re well on your way to stylish photos that suit your outlook on life.

For an elegant and atmospheric effect, choose subtle colours that harmonise e.g. pale pinks, blues and gold. This is perfect for branding photographs on my olive or crème background for a fresh, open and welcoming headshot or on the beach for lifestyle photographs.

Bright, saturated colours create a lively, cheerful mood e.g. ruby red, purple or emerald green. This is perfect for Isle of Wight parks and woodlands as green and red are classic complementary colours.

Whilst, dark clothes create restrained, conservative images. This is perfect for corporate headshots on my grey studio backdrop or outdoors in parks or woodlands.


colours to wear for a business headshot

Slimming outfits for headshots

I’m going to spell out rather bossily the golden rules:

  • Wear form-fitting clothes that follow your body line
  • Choose long sleeves to put the focus on your face
  • Avoid blousy or baggy clothes that widen your frame
  • Check shirts or blouses don’t gap when you sit or fold your arms
  • Pick solid colours over patterns, plaid or stripes as these distract

what to wear top suggestions

what to wear as a mature woman

What should women wear for a professional headshot?

Generally, a professional headshot calls for you to wear professional, or business, attire whether this is smart or smart casual. I tend to suggest, wearing what you would pick for a job interview and reflects your career.

For women, a blouse and tailored trousers / skirts or a statement dress as appropriate.  The more important thing to consider when you’re dressing for a professional headshot is that you should look confident, professional and polished regardless of how nervous you might be feeling about being photographed.

  • Neat, professional V-necks are flattering because they extend the necklines and gives a graceful curve to the neck.
  • Long-sleeved blouses or blazers photograph really well and keep the headshot sleek but not too stiff
  • Dress trousers or a pencil skirt or A-line silhouette is most appropriate for business casual
  • Jewellery and accessories which that don’t overpower your portrait


what to wear corporate headshot

What should men wear for a business headshot?

When it comes down to it, follow the golden rules when dressing for a professional headshot: wear laundered items that boost your confidence. If you feel good, you’ll be comfortable engaging with the camera and the session will run smoothly. What to wear for men is quite simple:

  • Shirts with collars and long sleeves
  • Chinos or dress trousers
  • Suit jacket and slacks
  • Sweater and button-down polo shirt
  • Accessories – choose a wristwatch with a leather or metal bracelet and isn’t too distracting. Wear a leather belt that matches your shoe colour.

We can cycle through 3 different looks without changing too many outfits by taking off the jacket, rolling your sleeves up or adding a cashmere jumper.


smart casual headshot male

How do I prepare for a corporate headshot?

1 month to 1 week: fill in your brand questionnaire, share a Pinterest board of ideas with the photographer. Book a makeup artist and get your hair cut / coloured.

1 to 2 weeks: Go clothes shopping if you want to treat yourself. Wear the clothes and ask friends and family if they are true to your personality. Look in the mirror, do you like what you see?

A few days before we meet: Take care of your grooming needs. Men can trim their beards, fix eyebrows and remove neck hair. Women may want to get their eyebrows shaped if that is part of your care routine. Avoid fake tans or suntans before the session.

On the day: Put the telephone number and address of the headshot studio into your phone. Plan where to park and set off with plenty of time. The last thing you want to do is arrive feeling rushed and stressed, it will show in your photos.


what a man wears for a headshot

What to pack for a professional headshot?

  • take a snapshot and make sure you like what you see
  • pack lip gloss, a hairbrush and nude underwear
  • choose 3 outfits that are laundered and ironed
  • find room for accessories e.g. scarves and hats
  • avoid tight-fitting clothes that pinch the skin
  • avoid baggy clothes that widen your body shape
  • wear day make up slightly stronger than you would normally
  • use a sports bag or trolly-dolly to carry your items



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