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What to expect

finding the approaches that work for you I want you to know that your first photoshoot can be confusing and intimidating and sometimes downright scary, especially if you’re new to having your photograph taken by a professional photographer on the Isle of Wight. To effectively combat first-time nerves your photographer will do the best they can to get you going in the right direction. We create beautiful portraits every day and are experienced in helping individuals or families find their mojo.

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Session starter

The first thing that happens during a photo session is a warm, welcoming, and open chat. You’re allowed, encouraged even, to share your niggles and doubts. The people in this blog are regular folk, who contacted me because they simply wanted a nice picture of themselves. Most likely they had the same doubts and insecurities at the start too, which is why I deliver a welcome pack crammed full of helpful advice (ask for yours). Asking questions and showing an interest usually helps you to learn something about your photographer and the way they work.

women in spring outfit for branding session

During the session

After the first few photographs are shared with you, expect to get down to the nitty-gritty:

  • which images do you like?
  • what would you like to change about them?
  • how do you feel about the location?

The style, location, and outfits are changed every 4o minutes with some minor additions and hopefully tons of discussion.  My experience over the last 10+ years has shown that the more discussion that occurs the better the images are. I make every effort to keep the session friendly and encouraging. Do not be afraid to ask for a different style or approach along the way.

lady blue coat smiling

At the end

My goal is to provide a fabulous experience and create portraits that make you smile … we will do that by showing you how fun and hopefully easy it is to have a portrait session.  If I fail to make you laugh during the day, poke me in the side … I’ll do whatever it takes.

outdoor headshot session




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