On the photoshoot day

Below are the steps I took to ensure the session was planned to perfection. My goal is to do all the hard work, so you’re left free and easy to enjoy the day.

Enjoy the preview of what to expect during your professional portrait session on the Isle of Wight.

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Each session is different as I design a portrait session around what you need but I always aim to create a wide variety of shots in a 90-minute time slot.

Some sessions are planned over a month whilst others are booked at the last minute.  I’m proud to say that people who hire me use their images for social media profiles and I think that’s because I capture people’s spontaneity and vibrant nature. I always take care to look beyond your ‘looks’ and ensure we make a connection that translates into expressive photographs.

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I had the most amazing time working with Amanda !! She’s a true professional and extremely sweet person !!All of the pictures she’s got me are amazing !! Thank you very much Amanda for this wonderful day ! Hope to see you soon again.”  Ryde Park, social media package

Let’s get started and see how I plan portrait sessions on the Isle of Wight.

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How I capture your personality

1.  Check availability        Once you’ve screened your photographer by looking through their portfolio, earlier blog posts, and independent review sites don’t hesitate to get in touch (see my reviews from people who have hired me as their ideal professional photographer on the Isle of Wight).  A phone call is often the best way as it you can easily get a sense of their personality.

Most people email to confirm they’d like to work with me but some use DMs or phone calls. It’s simply a case of booking a date, time, and location to suit us both.

screenshots showing how to check for avaliablity

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2.  Plan using your session guide          Once I’ve booked your Isle of Wight headshot I send out my welcome pack, session guide, what to wear, and field guide. Each of these e-books is fully illustrated with real sessions and is crammed with tips designed to make your life easier!

  • I emailed your welcome pack, bursting with ideas from what to wear, when we’ll meet, what to expect and when do you get to see your photographs.
  • Using dropbox I share the ‘what to wear magazine’ and ‘make up for photographs’ so you feel confident about what’ll happen on the day.
  • There’s also a questionnaire to fill in ahead of time. This helps us break the ice when we first meet (see the professional photography questionnaire here).

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3.  Brainstorm ideas           One of the things I love about working with modern businesswomen and men – the chance to create different looks in just one location! My sessions normally last for 1 or 2 hours with multiple wardrobe changes – I encourage all my clients to bring props, scarves, hats, boots, belts, scarves – anything that reflects their personality, life, and loves.

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4.  Decide what to wear           The hardest part of any portrait session is deciding what to wear. I’m always excited to see a snapshot of your chosen outfit – it really helps pair location, style, and creative flair to your session. I want to personalize each experience and make it unique to you.

Other people prefer to browse my Pinterest boards, designed to help, guide, and inspire my clients. I have wardrobe guides, makeup tips, and posing guides – check out my boards here.

Note below I created a personal board for this client so I could tailor the experience to suit her needs.

screenshot images of clients

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5.  Tell me what you think          My goal is to take the stress out of the portrait experience. First-time nerves often set in, even with people who generally describe themselves as ‘confident.  People often share that they feel comfortable with me because I knew how to draw her personality out in front of the camera.

“Amanda, you made me feel CALM and nice (even though I have experience in front of the camera). You know how to talk to people and make them feel confident and fine.” Review of my portrait photoshoot in the Isle of Wight.”

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6.  On the day          Expect to feel r . e . l . a . x . e . d time!  I approach each session differently in order to capture genuine expressions in your portraits.  I’m careful to interact genuinely with everyone I work with, I want to get to know you personally so you’ll feel at ease and comfortable throughout the session.

Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to share your hopes and fears for the session – that way I’ll guarantee I’ll deliver what you want.

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7.  Sharing your photos.          The most important thing is to see a preview of your photos right away. The excitement of the session is uplifting and we want to share our fabulous images with friends and family urgently. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram – we all share our life on these social media sites. It’s a great way to keep in touch.

Within 48 hours I’ll post a preview on my Facebook page, add me as a friend so you can tag yourself and show off your fabulous images. Like my fan page here so you’ll be the first to see your sneak peek.

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For more advice on Isle of Wight headshot portraits or to book a natural portrait by an Isle of Wight photographer, get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Book now or ask a question below.

Amanda Herbert | Isle of Wight
Email: info@amandaherbert.com


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