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Save time with an expert and remove the frustrations of taking your own headshots.

This blog post will show you why using an expert will save you time.

Here’s the dilemma for you…

You’re an excited author about to release your first eBook, or a life coach proud to launch your wellness course, maybe you’re an ambitious actor who’s spotted a double-your-income job on the mainland. The cherry on the cake for your new project is a polished headshot to promote your new venture, but time is precious and deadlines loom.

Should you take a quick snap with your phone or hire an expert photographer?

I’m here to say, STOP getting friends to take your picture and use an EXPERT. And this is why … The first two pictures were taken by my husband and finally, I paid a professional. The results speak for themselves.

In the last few videos, we talked about why quick sessions will generate the happiest expressions and how 30-minute sessions are best suited for busy professionals.

True story, a response to my client feedback form revealed their relief in hiring a professional photographer. Now this came as no surprise to me, but I’ll let you into a little secret … most people still use photographs taken by their friends, or on phone or downloaded from Facebook.

Stop doing this

Simply the one thing you shouldn’t do is use photographs taken on a phone or by your friends, I’ve done it myself…

First, the phone kept slipping, my clothes were all bunched up, I looked awkward, the phone was so close my nose was oversized and I didn’t really look like myself at all. No wonder my expression was slightly pained.

And why a professional?

Well, because…

  • We are experts in saving you time with reliable results every time.
  • With slick systems to guide you through the process seamlessly
  • Dependable routines that put the focus on you as a person (and not the cameras)
  • Quick and easy turnaround, allowing you to focus on the things you love
  • Enjoy you’ll the best photos of yourself ever seen


Think about the photograph you’re using right now?

  • Has it served you well?
  • Does it look like the real you?
  • How easy was it to find a photo you liked?
  • Would people connect with you based on your current photo?

And even though you might feel harassed and anxious, I’m here to remind you an expert will speed up your launch date and remove the frustration of trying to take your own photo.

So, how does using an expert save you time?

Advantage 1 – use the spare time for projects you love

Using an expert is time well spent, like using an accountant for your taxes, a broker for your insurance, and a lawyer for your contracts. Using a professional photographer, and not a friend, is a sure-fire way of getting headshots that establishes your authority, guarantee the right kind of connections and growth for your business.

Advantage 2 – guaranteed results that add credibility to your business

One way to get really comfortable with your photoshoot is by using an expert.  Because if you are really clear that you want grow your business through brand awareness, but don’t want to waste time getting mediocre results or failing to generate leads, then an experienced photographer is how you can do it.

Advantage 3 – let the experts do all of the hard work

So, hire an established professional, they can help you think about what type of photos you want, whether you need a studio or outdoors session, share their knowledge on what outfits photograph well  ….. so you are confident that when you arrive for your headshot session you’ve made absolutely the right choice for you.

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