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All the answers for photos and portraits, using tried and tested easy methods. These 5 tips provide elegant ways to present yourself to the camera, which means more beautiful photographs to love. And that’s great news for you, your blog, and your website. All good headshot portraits start with careful planning! Luckily I’m an expert is doing all the work for you and finding the best approaches from posing, what to wear and how to smile to suit your outlook on life. This post here breaks down how I use storyboards to plan out the rhythm to match the timeframe, weather, and workload.

mature old woman smiles

Feel confident in front of the camera

One of the key highlights for Isle of Wight headshot ideas is reviewing the fabulous photographs taken during the session. It’s a tried and tested way to generate excitement, offer security because you’ll see how well you photograph, and help you curate exactly how the session flows. The idea, with the perfect headshot’s photo sessions, is that once you’ve captured your personality, you don’t have to give posing a second thought. You should be able to easily go from one wardrobe change to another without feeling like you’re on a conveyer belt of grimaces and catalog poses. Here are a few headshots posing ideas to get you started.

beautiful old woman sits on chair

Yes, it’s totally possible to look good without the cheesy smile


01. Straighten your spine

– good posture conveys elegance and style 

  • Stand straight
  • Push your shoulder blades together
  • And lower your shoulders

Not only will you feel more confident but your clothes will hang better.

old woman in white top looks out of window

No, poses don’t always make sense

02. Stand on one foot

– put the weight on your back foot and make you look slimmer Once I’ve been asked, “how on earth do I stand on one foot” I show them exactly what I really mean by this. By ‘stepping into’ the pose you push your weight forward and the head moves towards the camera (that’s a good thing).

  • Take a step forward
  • Pause almost mid-step
  • Lean very, very slightly forward

old woman wears pink jumper

It’s not about how you feel, but how you look

03. Chin forward, forehead down

– this tiny movement hides double chins, make ‘forward and down’ your new mantra So, you can learn to banish the double chin with this little trick. It’s a lifesaver and I use it with every single client from child actors to retirees. See this young actor’s photos and how well it works.

  • imagine you are a chicken
  • pushing your ears forward
  • I know, it feels daft.

flattering pink jumper old woman

Don’t forget to breath

04. Take a deep breath

– blowing bubbles, making a raspberry sound and exhaling allows your face to relax Stress accumulates in our body and the tell-tale signs will reflect in your photographs – rigid hands, hunched shoulders, tension around the lips. One way to relax is to breathe. I always say, “Drop the pose and shake it out if I’m not taking your photograph.” Just as I’m about the capture the ‘hero shot’ I’ll prompt you to breathe through your lips. It relaxes the smile.

neutral grey top looks good on older woman

Play with it

05. Twists look spontaneous and give your photos energy

– pop a shoulder towards the camera, push a hip back away from the photographer or drop an ear to one side If you’ve never worked with a headshot photographer before, a full 3-hour studio session probably isn’t the best place to start (hence why I offer taster sessions). Instead, move a little in between each capture and once you’re used to being in front of the camera, start to gradually work your way up to posing with a smile. You won’t be aware of the learning process at the time, but I’ve supported countless people that consider themselves ‘camera conscious’, say, and feel pretty low about themselves so I start with small suggestions and move up to guided posing with you really noticing.

  • “Look down at your feet and back up to the camera.”
  • “Look towards the window and back at me”
  • “Just sit on the stool and glance up”


These easy tips could provide you with the perfect photo session, for individuals seeking an Isle of Wight headshot portrait session that is engaging and fun. For those readers who are unsure of what headshots best suit them, or would like some general camera advice please do get in touch.


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