Top Questions About Headshot Sessions

Are you an actor getting ready to book your headshot session? If so, you’re in luck! This article is here to provide the answers to your top questions about headshot sessions. From understanding how long a session lasts to choosing the right photographer, these questions and answers will help make the booking process easier.

With this information, you will be confident and prepared for your upcoming headshot session.

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I know that I need a new headshot and I WILL book a session soon. But will you help me plan what to do? Do I need to be relaxed or serious or both?

These are my top questions about headshot sessions. My portrait sessions are designed to keep you engaged (and even entertained), so expect to have fun in your headshot session. Virtually every session, from 30-minute express sessions to bespoke ones, will have full style guides as well as posing guidance, expression coaching, and silly jokes that might include dancing, music, or tales of my antics. Don’t worry, if you prefer calm, soothing guidance so I do that too. Most people prefer a chatty session with complete direction from nose to toe, even the most camera confident.

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How do I get a headshot session booked?

Some photographers are booked 3 months or more in advance. I tend to only take one or two clients a month to ensure a bespoke service (this is why the headshot specials are so popular).

Usually, you’ll get in touch with the photographer. Ask about their availability. Confirm the price of the session and photographs. If you have a particular style in mind, be sure to carefully explain your dreams to the photographer using example photos collected on Pinterest.

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Photographers have studios and workspaces. Do you have the same thing?

No. I work outdoors in quiet parks on the Isle of Wight, in my home studio (Seaview), or in the client’s home or garden. It just depends on the types of photos you’re after. All of the photographs on this website were taken locally in Ryde or my living room studio.

Are there any clothes I should buy?

No. Most photographers will explain what to wear and help you choose items from your wardrobe. Keep in mind that being photographed is virtually a pain-free experience; you’ll start having fun and want to try all the outfits you’ve packed. If you’re booking a business headshot, also pack a more relaxed outfit for fun portraits at the end. You’ll be glad of having a nice picture to give to your family.

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Can I get help on the day?

It seems a funny question to ask in this age of busy social media festooned with selfies and group shots, but it’s perfectly normal to expect help and guidance in posing/expressions. Most people have never worked with a professional photographer before. Despite your worries, my sessions are really straightforward and fun, it’s really just like a chat with a friend (who takes occasionally pictures as you share a joke).

What’s the general pricing per photo once a shoot is completed?

Some people stick with ‘Headshot Special’ and others spend upwards of £300. It’s totally up to you. Email me to see the full price list.

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How long till I get my pictures?

Please allow 1 week for the whole process to be complete. I normally deliver the proofing gallery 48 hours before our session. I start processing the photographs as soon as I have your order. How many you pick will vary the delivery time. To give you an idea, I did a headshot session last Saturday and delivered 12 beautiful photographs to the client this morning.

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I’ve photographed hundreds of people just like you. People who want honest, open, and confident photographs that shine with laughter and love. If you’re looking to book a headshot or purchase a gift voucher, I’m only a phone call away!

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Please contact the Isle of Wight Studio at +44 (0)1983 617383 or Mandy at +44 (0)7719316609, email [email protected], and let me know why you need new photos!


Please contact Mandy at Mobile: +44 (0)7719316609

Seaview Home Studio at Phone: +44 (0)1983 617383


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