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Teenage photoshoot ideas

Meeting Ellie in  Firestone Copse was an honour. She’s a fabulous person – a strong woman, kind to her friends, and at one with the earth. I could spend oodles of time singing her praises about her creativity. Ellie will surprise you with her honest approach and make you feel completely at ease, chatting happily and sharing her insights into her creative world. Her passion is dazzling and her soulful gaze mesmerizing. Best still – she makes you laugh, a lot

Lots of chatting ahead of the shoot which was brilliant, Mandy has lots of guides to help prepare for the day, which is something I’ve not seen before and is FANTASTIC for people who’ve never modelling before. She’s brilliant at directing and knows exactly what looks good where – something I’m used to just freestyling! I definitely learnt a few things! Mandy is a lovely person, very attentive and kind natured with an obvious passion for her art. I’m so glad we had the chance to shoot and can’t wait to see more!

smiling and laughing looking with head in hands leaning on tree in fire stone copse looking over shoulder leaning on tall tree fire stone copse sitting on floor leaning on bench looking at camera shirt off shoulder gold dress in fire stone copse sunny day in fire stone fold arms gold dress

I produce stylish portraits for modern women that are neither cliched nor formulaic. The portraits in my portfolio are full of character and detail, captured during relaxed sessions that are ever-practical and fun – so they are easy on the purse strings and appreciated by couples or families too. For more advice on natural portrait sessions or to book a natural portrait by an Isle of Wight photographer, get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

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