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I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough! My daughter (15 year old, sometimes hard to please, red head!) has had 2 sessions with Amanda and has not only had a great time, but she has learned loads of little tips and tricks as well as now having an amazing portfolio! Amanda makes you feel instantly at ease and we love how excited she gets to capture the best images. All photographs are expertly taken and discussed and the end product is truly amazing. Thank you Amanda, we really do love your work xxx

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Carys is an amazing young performer and, growing up on the Isle of Wight, all her talents are rewarded with an acceptance into Goldman’s agency. A real achievement as there are only two child actors accepted so far.

She insists on using all her laughter and joy during our session, alongside her mother who sat patiently throughout the session smiling with pride. I have very vivid memories of watching them chat together with that special bond and being quite fascinated with their closeness.

read head teenager

Sometimes Carys would let me use my clever ways of nurturing smiles and I feel honoured to have worked twice with the family, particularly as I wanted to explore my fine art style in portraiture.

Carys is quiet and charismatic, and quite engaging, but being interested in her blossoming career allows me into her world. We work together crafting beautiful portraits for her online portfolio, creating studio headshots to complement her outdoor ones. I’m grateful to be allowed into her world. I teach Carys how to connect with the camera and it’s magical to watch her growing confidence. Her portraits tend to hint back to romantic, classical elegance, but her wild teenage laughter is not far away.

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At the center of Cary’s nature is this incredibly confident, carefree approach that reminds me why I love working with children. I always make it my mission to empower others. I spent my childhood feeling a little less than those around me. Growing up surrounded by a loving family in Derbyshire never quite canceled my insecurities. Spending a lot of time with my grandparents during the holidays allowed their love for creative arts to seep into my subconscious. Later in life, I discovered photography and with it my talent of nurturing smiles and laughter in my imagery. You can see a little bit of this in Carys’ portraits, which are beautiful.

I love working on Cary’s studio headshots, which are incredibly polished for someone new to photography, and these photos are something that will always be in her mum’s life, just quietly hanging in a frame.

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Beautiful portraits that are natural, relaxed & fun.

Creating natural portraits on the Isle of Wight for dating websites, business cards, and social sites – so you’ll quickly and easily reach out and connect with people. Plus, my style guides and session magazines are simple, easy to follow and work for camera-shy people. Get in touch and I’ll show you how to look confident in front of the camera in quiet locations chosen to inspire confidence.

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