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Graduating in just under a year, Lucy is ready to discover her dream job performing on cruise ships or as a singer on stage. With looming deadlines, Lucy wants to book a date for her Spotlight headshot as soon as possible and wonders if there is any flexibility on my monthly headshot dates. Lucy’s Spotlight headshot profile needs her new headshot pictures the day after my headshot special. Time is tight!

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If you have fixed deadlines and want to go all out with a strong Spotlight profile that makes casting and leading agencies reach out to book you, using the correct headshot is vital.

It’s super hard if you are about to graduate, feel the pressure of updating your performer’s profile but find yourself very short on cash. Granted, there are aspiring photographers around the university who enjoy documenting your performances, yet their photos don’t seem to have the right feel for headshots.

Even worse, the *best* headshot photographers for Spotlight have premium prices and make them unobtainable for students and graduates.

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I honestly believe Spotlight performers are fun, carefree, and exciting to work with because they celebrate *the moment*.

Considering my expression coaching, quick turnaround, and the chance to explore outdoor and studio backgrounds in a single photo session, my headshot specials are of excellent value. Besides, what could be more rewarding after 30 minutes of outfit changes and giggling over your jaw-dropping photos than feeling over the moon with your new acting profile and blossoming confidence?

Confused about all the options for Spotlight profiles? Here are 4 questions you can use to help you narrow down your perfect Spotlight headshot to showcase your personality and acting style.

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Question 1 – What is a Spotlight casting?

A spotlight casting on the website is the best way to promote yourself and is considered the industry standard. You are responsible for updating and maintaining your spotlight profile if you are actively seeking employment. Sometimes referred to as Spotlight Casting membership, your profile will make your project appear prestigious and help you connect with casting professionals, other performers, and agents. Spotlight ensures you find the right TV, theatre, or film productions quickly and securely.

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Question 2 – Can anyone join Spotlight?

Sort of. If you have formal drama training (to graduate-level) or can provide evidence for paid speaking roles in TV, film, or BAFTA films then you will meet the criteria.

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Question 3 – What photos do I pick for Spotlight?

Choosing the right headshot for Spotlight is an important part of setting up your profile. It’s where you’ll show your personality and establish your credibility to professional agents, so you want to get it right! During my performer headshot sessions, I provide a range of expression coaching to suit all personalities and I’m always here to help you pick the right photograph to highlight your best features.

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Spotlight photo natural look

Headshot Requirements for Spotlight:

  • 4 to 5 spectacular photos (but you can upload 15 for free)
  • Taken by a professional photographer
  • Headshot and shoulders
  • Cropped to an 8 by 10 ratio
  • Up to date with how you look
  • An honest and open representation of *you*
  • Make sure your eyes are the focus
  • Avoid dramatic light or fussy backgrounds
  • Wear plain tops with long sleeves

Whether you’re about to graduate, avoiding expensive photographers in London, or rewarding yourself with a photo shoot for a treat, I offer great value to students and graduates who need professional photography that includes nearly everything you’ll need for a fantastic Spotlight profile: outdoors and studio backgrounds in the same session, professional retouching that helps you glow with vitality, quick turn around and endless support to create the best expressions!

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