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How my approach is different

Today, I want to show you how my approach is different and why my experience helps you get the right balance between being open and friendly, whilst making you look professional and approachable, so you connect with clients quickly.

Why I started these articles

I started these videos to address 3 specific problems because in my ten years of connecting authentically with my clients (yes, I’m showing my age) people arrive with very similar problems.

First of all, we’re all busy and put off the important things in life like updating your website or launching an email campaign to ensure financial security for your family. I canceled my own photoshoot for this very reason.

The second thing is not finding the time because you hate photographers who ask you to ‘say cheese’ in your photos and even though you know it’s the key to connecting more authentically with a confident headshot.

But what if you’re not sure of when you can fit in a 2-hour shoot or looking good on camera doesn’t come naturally, how do you do it?

And then the third thing is time, if you’re a small business owner no doubt you’re super, super busy like me so you don’t have time to book a two hour plus photoshoot and churn out smile after smile, again and again for a silent photographer hidden by a big, black camera. And it’s taken all of your Saturday.

How quick sessions help

So those are the 3 main areas that ‘express photoshoots’ help you with.

I’ve said, I’ve worked with business owners for over 10 years as well as opera singers, dating headshots, transformation coaches, reiki specialists, authors, florists, charity workers. And so on.

But if you don’t have any spare time for luxuries like a photo shoot or are juggling a business alongside looking after your family, why would you care about booking your own headshot session?

And I wanted to give you a quick sneak peek into what really goes into a headshot session.

Because when I first launched this video series there wasn’t a lot of information about the nuts and bolts of what really happens.

I’ve decided to lift the lid and give you an insight into what I actually do and how my experience can help you.

A sneak peek into my process

And, I want you to think, “so what?”

You’re right. Why should you care that I believe quick sessions will generate the happiest expressions. So what Mandy?

Or that I recommend 30-minute sessions are best suited for busy professionals. Mandy, who cares?

What I’ve taken is the structures and systems behind a headshot session and broken them down for you.

So let’s take a look and see what’s inside.

How I help #1 – the questionnaire

In example 1, planning your session in seconds with this questionnaire. I’ve a short selection of questions to quickly establish the type’s photos you need, how they will move your business forward, and what impact they will have on your company.

Getting our ducks in a row guarantees sessions that create exactly what you need: professional photos that help you turn online connections into friends. No more long, boring sessions with 200 photographs with exactly the same expressions!

So what Mandy?

Well, this process helps align the photographs to your business goals, in fact, you’re not just getting a professional headshot. You’re gaining clarity on the storytelling mission statements behind your company and translating that into brand imagery. People pay good money for business coaching like this!

How I help #2 – the style guides

The next thing I want to dive into is my styling, I use my experience and expert knowledge to create different styles for different purposes: a welcoming headshot on your about page, a serious photo for financial reports, one with your puppy to engage with others on social media, turning strangers into customers.

Again. So what?

Well, I’ve got a whole library of eBooks to help you get ready which is an amazing, amazing bonus and all of those magazine-inspired style guides come in handy for time-pressed people so you can pick your outfits immediately. You can see which clothes you need and if you don’t want to do any work you can just ask me to make the choices for you. It’s really easy to use.

How I help #3 – quick turn arounds

A final example of how I save you time is my natural edits in Photoshop.

Simplicity is key.

Processing your photographs beautifully, you appear fresh and well-rested without compromising your appearance with fake filters.

With a 48 hour turnaround, you’ll be able to complete your project because the last thing you want is surprises or compromises on quality. You’ll be able to precisely meet your goals and put an end to niggling deadlines.

I make it fun!

And I make it fun. That’s right. Photoshoots can be fun!

I want to give you a quick example, so here’s Georgi’s transformation with me.

You can see her first photographs with me and then her updated headshots.

Transformation Stories

Anticipating Georgi’s dream to apply for the new job, I prepare her favourite photograph and deliver it ahead of time. Because I care.

She adored her photographs so much, she booked a session for her sister and the later mum and dad too.

As well as writing a lovely review. 

Georgi is able to apply for a new job on the mainland which will double her income.

Because I:

  • Bending over backward;
  • making the process smooth;
  • anticipating her needs’ and
  • making her shine

And it’s not only Georgi that gets great comments on her headshots. Here is Georgina who updated her showreel for Spotlight over the first Lockdown. This is the first photo she posted and she’s had fantastic results.

Lots of my clients are also experiencing the same transformations.

I can’t wait to invite you into my headshot crew and look forward to welcoming you!

Amanda Herbert is the premier headshot photographer in Ryde and the Isle of Wight. Known for the genuine expressions she captures in her portraits of camera-shy women and small business owners looking for expressive portraits. Contact her Seaview home studio to book a session.

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