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What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that has free and paid accounts and you can save, organise and share all types of files using their apps on the phone or computer.

Why you should share with Dropbox

Cloud storage services are an incredibly popular way to easily and securely access your photographs, videos, and files for work and your personal life.

For example:

  • You might want to show someone your new pictures,
  • upload your photos onto a social media site
  • Or send over a photo via an email or messenger service for a new job, for example.

True story, I was walking around Victoria Park when my new job ask for a photograph to be sent over. I was able to email them my most up-to-date headshot without breaking a step using Dropbox. I’m forever grateful that I used a proper photo because it was on everything when I arrived – my door, name label, documentation.


Other popular methods to photo sharing

I use Dropbox because it’s the easiest way to share photos, but there are other accounts I use too.

Another popular method I use at the end of the session is ‘Wetransfer’ when I want to make sure the clients have a backup copy of their photographs. The advantage over Dropbox is that I can guarantee all the client files, invoices, and photographs we safe in one folder that I have emailed over.

My hope is my clients can download the zip file, copy and paste it somewhere safe and feel reassured that everything is organised and tidy.

You might also want to consider:

  • Google photos
  • Onedrive
  • Teamdrive

The best way to share photos with family and friends

So in this little video clip, I want to share some insights around how I use Dropbox for clients, models, and other photographers.

On the computer

  1. Getting started – download Dropbox on your computer and phone. Create files for different uses, for example, you can see here my client files, personal files where I keep my insurance documents, and folders for social media.
  2. Arranging shoots – I create and save my client files in Dropbox and email a personal link to them securely. You can see here how quick it is to share photographs and other files with casting directors, new clients, website designers, and publishers.
  3. Planning sessions – sharing via email: Once the link has been shared, it is a simple matter of reading the welcome magazine and responding to any questions.

With your phone

  1. Planning sessions – share photos direct to DMs: 85% of my work is done via my phone. I’ll share the colour schemes direct from Dropbox into private messages when I’m working with aspiring models.
  2. Exporting photographs to social media: At the end of the session, I show people how I use Dropbox to upload photographs onto social media sites. As you can see, it’s really quick and simple.
  3. Dropbox as a proofing gallery – use the star function: Occasionally, I’ll also use Dropbox to star favourite images as an on-the-go proofing gallery.
  4. Portfolio in your pocket – best of all you can use Dropbox as a portfolio. By scrolling through your photographs in your folder, you can show friends and family just how productive your photoshoot was!

So, why am I sharing this today?

Well, I look at this a lot as someone who works with CEOs and businesses with their headshots or branding, I’m curious as to how I can support them with creating easy-to-follow processes that give the confidence and success with their photographs.

Even though we know there might be a barrier between what their goals are (great headshots) and how they feel about being photographed (nervous wreck).

And of course, what it all comes down to is what I can do to make it easy for you.

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