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I’m proud of my reviews: I put my heart and soul into each and every portrait session. As an experienced Isle of Wight photographer, I aim to be your guide for the day, your last-minute life saviour, and your number one fan.

I’m there to walk you through the process, answer your questions, and make you feel like we’re long-lost friends. Known for my empathetic approach and professional skills as an Isle of Wight photographer, I’m willing to go the extra mile to ensure you love your photographs.


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“5 stars no doubt before the shoot I was given a brief before on how everything works and great customer service I was made to feel comfortable, it was amazing I was taught how to pose and given an explanation on how it works it, overall I’m happy with the experience I had I would love to do it again”

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“This was my first proper professional shoot and I found Amanda very easy to connect and communicate with! She has this wonderful way of guiding you into natural flowing poses and making you feel very comfortable/ relaxed!!”

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“This was a brilliantly easy, fast, and efficient process. The pics are really good quality, and Mandy made it all painless and fun. I’d definitely recommend it if you want a professional, friendly, and efficient photoshoot.”

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“Amanda is an incredibly skilled photographer on the Isle of Wight! She really is a gem. I have been wanting some great portraits of myself for a while now and could not find the right photographer to do it until I met Amanda. She understood right away what I was after and put a lot of effort to ensure my needs were met. She is the first photographer I met with such expertise for portraits. Her level of awareness of details is incredible. Everyone complimented me on my pictures. Amanda is also very friendly! I look forward to working with her again in the future. Thank you, Amanda !”

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“I’ll confess to being very outside my comfort zone at the prospect of a photo shoot but Amanda’s engaging and friendly professionalism washed all of that away in minutes. And as to the finished products all I can say is from the feedback I’ve had so far, after posting the images, has been staggeringly good.”

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“I recently had a session with Mandy to create images for a portfolio and for actors headshots. Mandy sent a lot of information before the session, which made the preparation a lot less stressful! The session was great (for someone that hates having their photo taken) Mandy has a way of making you feel relaxed with fun and inventive ways to create the best pictures. I was very happy with my time with Mandy and the photos I received after the session was great. I would recommend Amanda Herbert Photography and will certainly use Mandy again in the future.”

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“I would thoroughly recommend Amanda. From the very beginning, she gave me enough information so I knew what to expect on the day. The photo shoot was relaxed and fun which meant she got beautiful pictures.”

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“I had a photoshoot with Amanda just last week and i really enjoyed the experience. Before we met I was sent useful guides on what to wear and tips for makeup and organizing a time and place to meet was quick and easy. Amanda was very friendly and made me feel relaxed and comfortable quickly in front of the camera. I really liked the direction she gave me and the different poses to try which resulted in achieving flattering and natural results. I’m really pleased with the outcome of the photoshoot and I highly recommend Amanda as a photographer. Thank you, Amanda!”

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“Thanks Mandy, you got exactly what I wanted – my kind, friendly eyes. I definitely want to work with you again!”

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“I would thoroughly recommend Amanda. From the very beginning, she gave me enough information so I knew what to expect on the day. The photo shoot was relaxed and fun which meant she got beautiful pictures.”

camera workshop

“I worked with Mandy during one of her camera workshops with a local photographer. Communication and organization was really really great with image ideas, how to get to locations, photos of the meeting places. Absolutely everything I usually check myself was all there from Mandy!”

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“I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough! My daughter (15 year old, sometimes hard to please, redhead!) has had 2 sessions with Amanda and has not only had a great time, but she has learned loads of little tips and tricks as well as now having an amazing portfolio! Amanda makes you feel instantly at ease and we love how excited she gets to capture the best images. All photographs are expertly taken and discussed and the end product is truly amazing. Thank you, Amanda, we really do love your work xxx”

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“I had a photoshoot with Amanda yesterday and today she sent me the picks – they were amazing! She has such a great eye, technique and just creates little gems!. The whole session was fun but professional…I will definitely recommend Amanda to anyone! She is .inventive, professional, producing original work of high value. She was exceptionally good at playing with lighting that made all the difference to the quality of pictures. It was a great, enjoyable shoot. Thanks, Amanda :-)”

“Amanda works very well with people, understanding when you may nervous, and finds ways to ensure you feel relaxed throughout the shoot. What does this create? beautiful natural-looking photos which you would be very happy with. I had lots of fun and highly recommend Amanda Herbert Photography!”

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“Amanda Herbert is an enthusiastic professional photographer. Relaxing yet motivating company while working. If you know what you want. She will deliver it. If you are unsure she will work with you to deliver the right outcome. Very completive rates and by far the best photos I have had in a long time. The best on the island in my opinion.”

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