Photography e-Gift Cards

Photography e-Gift CardsCelebrate any occasion by giving family and friends loving memories

It’s not just an e-card.

It’s the promise of reconnecting with those you love during a family photo shoot. Quick to buy and easy to redeem, Amanda Herbert Photography e-vouchers for headshot sessions or family portrait sessions are valid for one year, can be used at any time, and are tailored to what you need.

From engagement gifts to birthdays, new relationships to new babies, photography e-gift cards are the perfect touch so your mum or grandparents can treasure memories of the family together.

Gift something a little extraordinary this year … memories to treasure

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What is a gift e-card or e-voucher?

Loved ones living overseas or on the mainland often get in touch when they want to buy a present for someone living on the Isle of Wight. The gift e-card or e-voucher is a digital pdf that I custom design for each client. You can email your e-card, pop it in a card, or frame it as a present so they have an actual present to open on their special day. Together you can enjoy creating memories without them spending a penny themselves! 

Is an e-gift card cost effective?

Of course. We all have to watch the pennies.

Tell me how much you’d like to spend and I make up an e-card that says, “A gift for you …. a photoshoot with Amanda Herbert Photography and includes X number of photographs”. Your gift is the complete package without spending too much money or purchasing items you don’t need. 

How long are they valid?

Once my client gets in touch with their voucher, I honour them for one year. 

How do I redeem the gift?

The gift e-card includes my email address. Your loved one simply needs to email me and book their date. 

Can I personalise the e-voucher?

You are welcome to write a personal note which I can add to the photography e-card. Most people include, “Happy Birthday love from your son” or similar. There is also an option for providing a photo that I can add to your e-card for that personal touch.

I’m a little late, can I get it quickly?

I’ll do my best!

I can make your e-card within ten minutes as long as I have all your details and the payment has been made.

It’s a gift for my mum, but the whole family will be coming along. Is that OK?

It would be an honour!

The e-cards include the photoshoot and a number of digital images. You can bring pets, family members, and friends to the family sessions.

Headshot sessions are for two people and you’ll have to decide how to split the number of digital images!

It’s meant to be a surprise, can you keep a secret?

Shhhh, mum’s the word!

Most photography gift e-cards are for gifts and surprises from far-away loved ones. I’m a natural at stepping in at the right moment to say, “surprise!”

I can only afford the photoshoot, is that OK?

You only spend what you want. There’s no hard sell. A photoshoot with me is £50.

Can they buy more photos?

If you want to extend your package and purchase more photographs after the photo shoot, email to ask for the a la carte price list. 

Please contact the Isle of Wight Studio on +44 (0)1983 617383

or Mandy on +44 (0)7719316609 or email info[at] 

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Please contact the Isle of Wight Studio on +44 (0)1983 617383

or Mandy on +44 (0)7719316609 or email 


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