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I’m a brand photographer for startups and small to mid-size businesses. Personal branding pricing can vary widely. Some photographers charge £800 to £500, depending on who they are and the scope of the project. But not all businesses need to invest that much. I’ve worked in professional photography for over a decade. As a personal brand photographer offering a premier service, I only work with a few clients each month, I’m often able to bring high-class brand photography and expertise to the same project that has a higher cost elsewhere. Most clients spend in the range of £350 to £250 for a premier package including 35 photographs. The crystal clear ‘Discovery Visit’, where I pop over to get to know you and understand as much as I can about you and your goals, is £50.

*Terms & Conditions 

When you fill out the contact form below, the next steps are:
A brief call to get acquainted and discuss project scope, timeline, and budget
I’ll send a proposal and contract
If approved, a standard 30% deposit is required to reserve your date*
Remaining payment is due after you've selected the photos from the online proofing gallery
Advice & guidance on which photos to use for your projects
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Where are you on the scary scale?

The reality is so many business owners resent committing time, resources, and energy for a personal brand shoot.

Is this you?

You understand the importance of a great headshot as the first way to express your brand, communicate your values, skills, experience, and showcase what you have to offer. But worry about the expense and whether you’ll even like the photos.

So I’m not going to let you get away with ‘hiding your personality on LinkedIn with a poorly taken photograph. Try to schedule an appointment at the last minute, ask for a 30-minute session, and use your existing wardrobe. Coupled with a photographer that promises a quick turnaround and has an excellent understanding of lighting/posing, you’ll celebrate a new headshot with 48 hours.

Go on, be brave!

Not ready to commit yet? Try a taster session.

How about you arrive in the clothes you wear every day to work, don’t buy anything new, and stand in my beautiful locations with buttery, flattering light. Clean and polished photography, putting the focus on your face and presenting a professional edge over your competitors.

I’ve learned over my 10 plus years of supporting camera-shy people, both running a business & working in education, that being flexible around the clients stops you from worrying about the session.

So taking baby steps like experiencing a taster session, opens the door to your confidence soaring. You’ll be the one suggesting another shoot, inviting me to your place of work for a full branding photo shoot.

So, ask yourself “how scary is it?” start with a taster session and work your way up from the safe end.

You’ve got this!

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TESTIMONIALSClient experience


“I had a great shoot with Amanda! Her advice and tips are endlessly helpful which made me feel very comfortable and confident during our shoot. She traveled over where I work to work with me which I am very grateful for. I would highly recommend Amanda to everyone. Thank you for such an educating and fun shoot! I look forward to the next one!”

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“Amanda is so amazing! An absolute joy to work with. She is professional, organised, fun, and really knows what she’s doing. Great at using natural light to create stunning pictures. You can tell that she has a real love for photography and puts her all into everything she does which is why our shoot went so well. She had fantastic ideas for my business and was very open to my ideas also. She is just a lovely woman to work with and be around. I would recommend her, especially for headshots and business portraits! Her portfolio speaks for itself. Such stunning work!”

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“Mandy is lovely to work with and so talented. She was extremely organised and had arranged the perfect parts of the park to use with the best natural lighting and setting. She has a real eye for what works well and I would say they are probably some of my favourite family images ever! Her style strongly shines through and we felt extremely relaxed and at ease in her company and we had a lot of fun!”

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My service is specifically designed to be easy and stress-free for you; I’ll talk you through each stage clearly and let you know exactly how to prepare. You’ll take control of your brand image and speak to the right audience with the very best brand portraits.

Please contact the Isle of Wight Studio on:
+44 (0)1983 617383
+44 (0)7719316609

Let me know why you need new photos, I can't wait to hear from you, Mandy x

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