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I’m a nice woman photographer!

Nice woman photographer – As someone who tends to feel a little camera shy, you’ll be all too familiar with those glossy photo profiles on social media sites – Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Yet, are you happy with your photo?

If you are looking for a nice woman photographer, this blog post was written with you in mind, so you can see what goes into an outdoor portrait session in Ryde. This means you’ll understand what to expect in easy steps and have confidence in your decision to book a professional photographer.

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confident older woman on beach


The facts

Most working women contact me when they want their profile image to say a little more:

  • I publish children’s literature – I want to look professional with a welcoming smile
  • I run a health food website – I want to look happy, healthy, and alive
  • I run offices throughout Hampshire – I need a professional look that isn’t too staged


The myths

Movie theatres have a lot to answer for – the common consensus in films finds photographers sitting in front of the computer, hot tea in hand, and still wearing out PJs after eleven.  We jump out of our seats for an hour to snap, snap, snap a glamorous model, or impossibly happy child.

I love to bust that myth – the truth is a little closer to home. Every day people book photographers to capture expressive portraits that say something about who they are.

And that’s my mission – to show you how it’s done.

nice woman photographer on the beach

Don’t miss out

If you feel professional photography isn’t for you, you could be missing out on a valuable way to improve your social media profile. Updating your portrait is a fast, easy way to connect with fellow professionals, enhance your online reputation, and feel good about your online identity.

That’s only the start of it.

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mature woman smiles in pink trousers

Here’s how to get a piece of that pie

Here at Amanda Herbert Photography, I spend every spare moment ensuring you have the best experience possible, to show my clients how to capture authentic portraits, naturally. Just click the links below:

  1. Choose a photographer that you trust – using this step-by-step guide
  2. Speak on the phone to iron out the details – how to hire a photographer
  3. Be clear about what you want (& don’t want) – what you get
  4. Wash & iron your clothes a week before – what to wear guides
  5. Allow time for your session – how  I work
  6. Set out clear timelines for the delivery of products
  7. Leave feedback (everyone loves a little praise)

Enjoy your fabulous photographs and online popularity, with a growing list of professional contacts.

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