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Dating Photos for Profiles

Have you been looking for a photographer to create the perfect dating photos for your profiles or social media? Want a dating photo as a way to attract visitors to your website or social media links? Ever wondered what makes a dating photo really stand out from the rest of the bio images?

Well, you’re in luck! Most of the people on this website were wondering the same thing. So I’ve used some of my favourite tips to showcase pictures that were well-liked by friends and family. I’ll show you the beginning stages of booking a portrait session, how to prepare, and what to expect on the day.

I’m hopeful these guides will give you the boost you need to book your portrait experience on the Isle of Wight.


1. Pick up the phone!

Chatting on the phone with your photographer will give you the confidence and encouragement you need to book your portrait session. Ilana here got in contact because she was thinking of improving her online bio picture. My mission is to show people how to have natural, relaxed portraits for their website or profile page. Phone calls are quick and easy. Think of it as ‘testing the water’. Talk through your ideas before you decide to commit.


2. Leave the hard work to your photographer

Planning ahead can be time-consuming. People lead busy lives and arranging one more thing can be a hindrance. After the phone call I set up my tried and tested system:

  1. confirm the date and location by email
  2. send a link with the illustrated ebooks designed to guide you through the process
  3. create a Pinterest mood board to help with style advice


3. Let your photographer guide you

Intimidated by hiring a professional photographer? Well, don’t. I’ll take you from the very beginning and show you how to progress from static shots to spontaneous portraits. Anyone can learn how to stand using flattering angles to create relaxed, natural-looking smiles.


4. Getting ready – everyone feels a little nervous before the shoot.

It helps to send a snapshot of your outfits to the photographer a few days before you meet. Think of them as your dedicated stylist! Your welcome pack is bursting with ideas and clear, easy to follow guides for the day:

  1. what to pack
  2. where to change
  3. what happens in the first 10 minutes
  4. how the photos are created
  5. when you get to see your photographs
  6. knowing which images to choose
  7. when to expect your portraits to be ready


5. On the day – expect to have fun

My mission is to help you relax and feel comfortable. The sessions are designed to put the focus on you – your laughs, optimistic outlook, and confident demeanor. Stick with me – and you’ll enjoy spontaneous, natural portraits. I value smiles and genuine laughter over a static pose. I want your images to feel fresh, vibrant, and spontaneous with smiles your family recognizes; portraits that capture just how you feel in this stage of your life.


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My aim is simple – to ensure a truly wonderful experience.  I customize each photo session, from the beginning of the shoot right until your items are delivered. My goal is to personally look after you every step of the way. That way I know you’ll get a service that is second to none.


Please contact the Isle of Wight Studio on +44 (0)1983 617383 or Mandy on +44 (0)7719316609 email info@amandaherbert.com or use the contact form below




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