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Soft curls, sparkling eyes and three carefully chosen outfits were my top recommendations when I arranged to meet Miss Junior Teen of Isle of Wight, 2018 in Puckpool Park.

Greeting mum and brother with a broad smile, it’s clear the family are excited to start this pageant session and are confident Emily is going to smash this session.

Miss teen walks by wall

Thank you so much Amanda, Emily’s photo’s are just stunning! Working with teenagers can be tricky sometimes, but you built up a great rapport with her and made it fun and it shows in the photos. She really enjoyed working with you. I have already emailed her agency with some of your shots, so they can update her profile page! Thanks again, you are very highly recommended.

All it took to generate Emily’s smiles in these photographs is my easy-going approach designed to ignite confidence and laughter, with a growing sense of enjoyment.

Emily was honoured to be awarded Miss Junior Teen of Isle of Wight this year, as soon as I saw her fun-filled selfies on Instagram, I invited her meet up in my favourite outdoor location – Puckpool Park.

Miss teen hands in hair

I love the connection photography generates, the confidence boost at the end of the session when they peek their first images on the back of the camera. A recent client posted on my Facebook wall, “I can’t explain how much it boosted my confidence in front of the camera last time … I can’t wait to shoot with you again.” And I’m honoured when photographers approach me for their own photographs.

young teen laughs

Summer is all about warm buttery evenings with a golden glow of sunlight glinting off the sea and lighting up Emily’s beautiful hair, all freshly washed. Mum enjoyed taking lots of behind the scene pictures to share on social media and already there is lots of praise and support for Emily, who has obviously captured the hearts of her friends and family.

emily radford miss teen photoshoot

It’s not the easiest thing to meet a stranger in a local park for their location pageant session in Seaview, but let me tell you Emily did so well. In no time at all she blossomed with my ability to connect, support and guide young models into finding their mojo at the start of the session. Most people take half an hour to warm up and feel confident, but not Emily, with my quiet support and careful direction she was able to respond to the camera and make images that have something special. And I know she is going to be bowled over with her photographs.

Isle of Wight teen pageant emily radford

I can’t lie. I always set out to make each model’s photographs a true reflection of who they are. I’ve crafted tried and tested ways to support others in a way that seems natural. Emily’s photographs are bursting with life, with carefree gazes and open, honest smiles that will make any mother proud.

On the day of our pageant session, I receive a message, “I’m so excited … can’t wait to meet you.” I have to confess I’m always a little nervous before pageant sessions, I think because Emily is such an inspiration – beautiful yes, but also sweet-natured, hardworking and loyal to her family. She looks like a ‘sweet sixteen’ student, dancer or teen model (but really she works hard to look after her family, knows the value of being responsible and is incredibly easy to get to know).

girl in blue dress hands to chest

Chatting with Emily, there’s passion in her voice, “I love being Miss Junior Teen of Isle of Wight” and humility too, “I don’t know why they chose me.” Loyal to her friends and full of laughter with an energy that comes from being supported by a loving family.

Emily Radford Miss Teen

Emily’s pageants really capture her kindness, sense of fun and warmth. And I know this to be true because Emily’s brother supported her from afar, watching over our session. Offering to hold the reflector and then giving her a piggyback to the footpath to protect her new shoes from the gravel. Now that’s real support from a close-knit family.

My favourite moment?

When mum first saw Emily’s pictures on the back of the camera, the warm smile of pride that says, “my baby … the one I love so dearly.”

close up headshot of miss teen

happy teen laughing by wall

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