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How to take a good LinkedIn headshot in your home

My experience as a LinkedIn headshot photographer is that clients frequently express concern about having photographs taken at their homes since they don’t feel “ready.”

I’m excited to dispel this myth! Your home is the perfect place for headshots – no matter what shape it’s in.

It is my hope that my post addresses these concerns and assures busy professionals that having photos at home is something they will enjoy and be confident about.

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What are the benefits of choosing an at-home photographer vs going to a traditional photography studio?

It might feel like there is plenty for you to do, but there are 3 reasons to choose a photographer with a mobile studio.

  1. Time efficient & flexible:  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to schedule an appointment with your LinkedIn photographer around your busy schedule. With a mobile studio, you choose the day and time that work best for you. A mobile photographer typically offers flexible scheduling and is accessible outside of regular business hours, so you don’t have to wait weeks for an appointment or scramble to fit one in during working hours.
  2. Accessibility: The majority of people cannot easily get to a photography studio to update their LinkedIn Headshot, and those with camera phobia often have trouble finding photographers who can accommodate them. An at-home photographer eliminates these issues, allowing for first-timers, people with anxiety, and those with limited experience working with photographers to receive the support and comfort they need.
  3. Comfort: Home is the most comfortable place to be. Having a LinkedIn headshot created at home eliminates the need to travel to a studio and be photographed in public.

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LinkedIn Headshot taken at home

Questions to ask your photographer

When you’re looking for a photographer to take your LinkedIn headshot, there are a few key questions you should ask them.

You’ll want to choose someone who has plenty of experience and can help you feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

  • What will it cost?
  • Is there anything I should supply?
  • What room do we use?
  • Do I need to clear the walls?

What will it cost? I like to be transparent with my prices, with no hard sell. I offer 3 packages. You can see them here.

Is there anything I should supply? I will arrive with all the equipment I need. You do not need to do anything special other than set out your wardrobe and clear a corner wall in your house.

What room do we use? I’ll send an example photo of a corner wall that I tend to use. It will be in any room that has a large-ish window, is a neutral colour, and is clear of ornaments or picture frames.

In these photographs, we chose to use my mobile studio backdrop. It is small enough to fit into most houses.

Do I need to clear the walls? Yes, please. So the focus is on your face and not on personal items in the background.

How to prepare the house for a LinkedIn headshot in your home

The best way to ensure quality LinkedIn headshots for your profile appear on major business networking sites like LinkedIn, the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce, or The Island Collection Networking Event is to use a professional photographer that comes to your house.

A good photographer will know how to capture your best sides and ensure that your audience can’t help but reach out to connect.

Taking photos at home is an easy and confident process. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Clear your driveway
  • Store away visible items
  • Take down artwork
  • Draw back the curtains
  • Put large furniture to one side
  • If you have pets, make sure they are happy with new people in their home.

Your photographer will bring everything they need. Expect to see an array of bags, backdrops, and stands tidily packed in black bags. It’s surprising how much can be achieved in a small corner of your room!

When you meet the photographer they will take a quick peek at the area you have prepared and chat with you to determine the purpose of the shoot. You’ll decide whether you want the white wall or grey background as a backdrop. You will also agree on the order of outfits you will wear.

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Headshot tips when working with a professional photographer

When it comes to LinkedIn headshots, there are a few things you should keep in mind when working with a professional photographer. First and foremost, LinkedIn is all about making connections and networking, so your headshot should reflect that. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect shot:

  1. Wear business attire that is both professional and stylish. This will help you stand out from the rest of the LinkedIn crowd. The benefit of being at home is that I can offer style advice on items you already own. You’ll also have access to all your makeup, mirrors, and accessories.
  2. Make sure your hair and makeup are done well. You want to look approachable and put together in your headshot. My style guide has recommended professionals to help you look natural yet polished.
  3. Choose a neutral wall in your home or my grey mobile backdrop for your photo. Both work well and you can decide after you see the photographs which ones are best. A simple background will help make sure the focus is on you and not your surroundings.
  4. Relax and be yourself! The best way to show off your personality in your headshot is by being genuine and relaxed in front of the camera. LinkedIn headshots in your home are like being wrapped in a warm blanket. My service makes you feel warm, safe, and at ease.

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How to book a LinkedIn headshot in your home?

I make it easier than ever to book a mobile photography service for Ryde residents where I take great-looking LinkedIn headshots in your home anytime you need, even at the last minute.

You can book your next home LinkedIn headshots in just three easy steps:

  • On the contact page, use the email address to enter your name, then suggest a date and time that you would like your session.
  • I’ll reply with your session time, payment details, and a ‘What to expect’ guide.
  • You’re all set. I will work my magic in your house and deliver a proofing gallery within 48 hours.

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If you’re interested in having a LinkedIn headshot taken in your home like this taken in your home, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! You can see recent headshot sessions here, and if you drop me a message by email or my contact form, I can whizz you over a brochure telling you all you need to know. You can also sign up to my mailing list to be the first to hear about upcoming shoot availability and ideas, and also more photography-related tips and tricks like this!


Please contact the Isle of Wight Studio on +44 (0)1983 617383

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