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When dad asked me what happens during professional family pictures in Seaview, I replied – expect to have a FUN time. I approach each session differently and work hard to capture genuine expressions from your children. Here’s how I made sure I put A. at ease, so the whole family felt comfortable throughout the session.

  • read a story about a princess
  • played ‘catch’ with a bean bag
  • sang ‘if you’re happy and you know it’
  • enjoyed peek-a-boo
  • blew on whistles during a racing game
  • caught bubbles frenetically
  • quietly placed a gold star on her hand
  • whispered our wishes to each other

great big laugh by child sitting and playing with dad

Professional family photography is a wonderful chance to capture the laughter and bond between your children – here are some great ideas to try with your children while on your professional family photo sessions.


Explore the location together – children of all ages love the thrill of discovery and are naturally curious. Approaching your family portraits as a game of exploration will ease boredom and tension. Capturing your curiosity of your child will create photographs from their perspective and will kindle plenty of fond family memories of your visit to the Isle of Wight.

hiding face and playing with daddy hide and seek behind tree daughter holds daddy hand


Downtime with your children when was the last time you enjoyed a little 1-to-1 time as a family? Enjoying the time spent together during your professional family pictures allows you to slow down and reconnect. Rather than worrying about creating the ‘perfect family moment’ in photographs. Let the session ebb and flow naturally, you’ll find yourself relaxing and enjoying the moments.

daughter sits on stool and laughs child runs down hill


Build castles, search rockpools, chase the dog or hold hands whilst you watch the sunset. There are plenty of opportunities to draw on your ‘inner child’ and show your children how much you enjoy their company. There is no doubt all children love being the center of attention and will chat away whilst you encourage them to smile and twirl in excitement. It may get a little messy, but I love the laughter when my families truly connect with each other.

child smiles and plays with dad daddy kisses daughter daughter plays in park


What better way to enjoy time together by settling on a picnic blanket and spending time just enjoying each other’s company. You’ll discover professional family photos are easy when you rest up, share a picnic and let the occasion become one of the moments rather than a list of ‘must have’ staged events.

Laughter and unforgettable experiences go hand-in-hand when booking a professional family photographer. My sessions for families visiting the Isle of Wight are available throughout the summer and all over the Island, making it a great time to capture happy family photos. And thanks to my child-centered approach, children love their photo sessions just as much as you will!

child explores the park family photoshoot with dad

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