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If you’ve never got business headshot pictures taken before, choosing and booking your perfect business headshot photographer can seem overly complicated and confusing.

With wildly different prices, business headshot ideas, and complex booking processes to choose from, how do you even know where to start? Luckily, you’re in the right place. This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know….

01 Choose your photographer

The first step is to find a photographer that suits your outlook on life, technical skills apart, you’ll want to work with someone that ‘feels’ right. Most professional photographers can take well exposed and technically proficient pictures, but what sets great headshots apart from mere avatars is the ability to connect through the photograph. This only happens when you trust and like the person holding the camera anything else will leave you feeling nervous and inhibited. I recommend making a shortlist of 3 potential business headshot studios and asking to speak to the photographer. You’ll know almost immediately if you gel and can make an appointment for your business headshot straight away.

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I had the pleasure of working with Mandy for some professional photos. I had never done anything like this before and was quite apprehensive. However Mandy’s professionalism and engaging personality meant I relaxed into it really quickly and she took some beautiful photos. I was amazed at how well she made me look! Highly recommended

CEO for Age Uk Isle of Wight

02 Decide if you want outdoors or studio

Most people don’t know what they want when they first email me and if you’re new to business headshots, why would you know! There’s plenty of choices when it comes to professional photography and whilst this sounds like a good thing, it can leave people feeling confused.

Once you’ve found a nice photographer on the Isle of Wight, decide if your project will need an outdoors feel or a studio session (or you might want both to cover all bases).

Outdoors is good for:

  • Approachable
  • Friendly
  • Relaxed
  • More spontaneous
  • Suited to less corporate industries e.g. counselors, life coaches, charities, town councilors, writers, artists, models, freelancers, athletes, and performers
  • You can use them for quick updates, dating sites, framed gifts, by-lines, magazine spreads, bio images, articles, emails, avatars, headers, about pages, and social media

Studio is good for:

  • Professional
  • Corporate
  • Formal
  • Establishing your authority
  • Stylish
  • Traditional with a modern twist
  • Suited to businesses with a formal approach such as finance, mortgages, CEOs, advisors, consultants
  • You can use them for financial reviews, papers to the stakeholders, product launches, magazine spreads, rebranding, annual presentations, websites, business cards

You might want to get a sense of what a traditional headshot with a contemporary feel looks like and compare it with an outdoor headshot session. And here is my business headshot approach for a combined headshot session.

03 Set your budget

As with any luxury purchase, you get what you pay for and professional photography is a serious investment. A cheap photographer might seem like a good option, but when you want to stand out from the competition and get great headshots that ‘pop’ from the screen the disappointment of seeing unflattering photographs can add up to more disappointment.

Often business headshots offer come in two price lists:

  • A la carte
  • Packages

A la carte means that you will pay for the photo shoot and purchase digital images separately. Whilst packages mean that you pay for the photoshoot and the photographs are included. Things like processing the photographs and receiving coloured pictures as well as black and white come as standard.

Here at Amanda Herbert Photography, I have a dedicated page explaining the jargon and my transparent prices help you find the best headshot session for your budget, factoring in everything that’s included. Just give me a call if you’d like any help with this.

If you are budget conscious, try: Headshot Specials

04 Decide when to meet

Living on the Isle of Wight, you’ll be aware of the weather – it’s often wet and windy on the coast. You may want to book your business headshot at short notice because of looming deadlines and changes in complex setups. I’m flexible and practical in my approach, what tends to work well is this:

Best for special occasions

Book your professional portraits to tie in with certain events such as a family holiday to the island or special birthday or anniversary. If the date is important to you, I suggest booking as far in advance as you can, weekends, half terms, summer and Christmas dates sell out quickly. Alternately you may want to buy a gift card as a present for the day which can be redeemed later on a more convenient day.

Best for short notice

People who need just one headshot or need to update quickly choose the headshot special because I can capture a great headshot in 30 minutes and the turnaround time is 48 hours. I work outdoors in an under-covered area and have wet weather contingencies. I’ve never had to cancel or reschedule yet, but we are in the hands of the gods. I’m often heard saying, ‘if you like the weather on the Isle of Wight, wait half an hour and it will change’.

outdoors business headshot with blue blouse

05 Pick what to wear

Knowing what to wear and feeling confident in your choices is the hardest part of the process of arranging business headshots. Business headshots vary wildly each having very different styles and each is suited to a certain type of person looking for a certain type of client. It’s important to choose the right wardrobe and style for you if you’re eager to avoid looking fake or uncomfortable in your photos.

Narrow down the right choices by reflecting on:

  • What would you wear for an interview?
  • What is your typical business look in your office?
  • What makes you feel confident?
  • What colours suit your skin tone?
  • What is in your wardrobe right now?

As a general rule I suggest: solid autumnal colours (navy, olive, mustard, and ruby) or neutrals with a colour pop, long sleeves to put the focus on your face, tailored outfits to slim your profile and V-neck jumpers or blouses. It’s even easier for men, layer a shirt or T-shirt with a jumper and blazer.

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06 Agree what business photos you need

The types of photographs you’ll need come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular business headshot photography is based on a ‘headshot’ which covers from the shoulders upwards. These are the close-up photographs that show your face and it may be a good choice if you just need 1 photo for your professional avatar across social media platforms. Diving right into a bespoke package, which also allows you to take mid-length business headshot portraits as well as some with stylish wardrobe changes or beauty portraits, might be a good idea if you want to express different sides to your personality.

As part of your business headshot photo session, I take you through a branding questionnaire that suggests different places you may want to use your business headshot photos. This will help you agree on what types of photographs you need to capture during your session. Nothing is set in stone, a loose idea of what you might need is helpful and you can always decide what to do on the day.

07 Pick your best side

When you’ve decided to book your business headshot studio, you can think about what you want to capture during the session. Whilst you may be able to step into the studio and switch on your magnetic personality, most people want support in capturing their most flattering portraits. During my business headshot photo sessions, we review the photos often, narrowing down what type of portraits you like, what you are comfortable with and whether you want to explore different headshot ideas as the session unfolds. You won’t know ‘what your best side’ is until you see the back of the camera, from there your favourite pictures will jump out at your feedback to the photographer is golden. The best option, if you are a little camera shy, is to book with a reputable business photographer who can offer their years of expert guidance and support.

Here’s my contact page!

08 Choosing your favourite photographs

As a general rule of thumb, choosing your favourite headshots sooner is better. You’ll be buzzing with excitement and will be eager to find the best photographs that tell your story. Most photographers are happy to help to range from in-person sales sessions where you choose the photographs either on the day or a week later in your home. I use a private proofing gallery delivered to your email 24 hours from our session, so you can view the photographs at home and ask friends/family for their advice without feeling pressured. If you don’t mind, I can suggest the ‘best’ headshots and offer advice on what works well for your business goals.

Each client receives a ‘what to expect’ eBook which shows you what a proofing gallery looks like, how I edit the photographs and even a video showing you how to use the software.

Ask for your copy today.

09 Get some help

With so much to consider compared to booking your business headshot portraits, it pays to speak to someone who’s experienced in supporting camera-shy business owners. Naturally, I expect you to do your research before you get in touch, but picking up the phone to speak to an expert is a sure-fire way of avoiding pitfalls and guaranteeing polished, confident headshots quickly.

Here at Amanda Herbert Photography, I’ll move heaven and earth to assist you in every aspect of your business headshot experience, right from the first time we chat to when I email your hand-crafted portraits. You’ll have access to the breadth of my knowledge and empathic support that’s rare to find in chain studios or with hobbyist photographers.

If you have questions about business headshot photographers, or even if you’d like some recommendations on how to start planning, please give me a call on 01983 617383 or use the contact form below

CONTACTTell me why you need new photos

My headshot sessions are specifically designed to be easy and stress-free for all of you; I’ll talk you through each stage clearly and let you know exactly how to prepare. You’ll get professional photos that truly reflect your professional edge.

I can't wait to hear from you, Mandy x

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