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Camera-shy? You're in the right place


All packages include ...

Improve your worth & develop your careerUnlimited wardrobe & backdrop changes

Make the photos work for you and replace stock images on your website with images that actually reflect you at work and at leisure.

Increase your speed and efficiency Quick turn around and retouching

A private link to Dropbox containing all the professionally retouched, high resolution digital photographs in colour and black & white.

Exude happiness and confidence Professional posing & expression coaching

An enjoyable experience with an expert photographer who knows how to put you at ease.


Transparent prices with no hard sell

How it works

A photoshoot with me is £50.00* (this secures your date)
Read your style guide so you have plenty of ideas to try. This will cover what colours to wear to coordinate with the location, flattering poses, how to accessorize, and of course, how to look natural in front of the camera.
On the big day, go out and have fun in my Studio Living Room (Seaview).
We celebrate afterwards with hugs and huge smiles. You'll pick your favourite images from a proofing gallery which will be ready within 48 hours.
Once payment is made for the remainder of your invoice, I will start crafting your images to perfection.
Within the week, your beautiful digital images will be delivered via Dropbox, so you can get sharing them straight away.

Price List


EXPRESS HEADSHOTJust give me the headshot!

Designed for people with pending deadlines

If you are a performer, job hunter, professional, or artist and need to update your look quickly, this is for you.

The ‘express headshot session’ is great when you need a simple refresher image but don’t need a variety of looks.


In just 30 minutes we capture flattering headshots which make lasting impressions because your audience will immediately notice your ‘About’ pages, business e-cards, press shots, author bi-lines, website banners, signup forms, or social media channels.

headshots for young woman
business headshot for creative


Designed for business owners, consultants, CEOs, entrepreneurs, business start-ups, managing directors, freelance employees, people in the public eye, and other professionals in offices or freelance industries.

If you are looking to refresh your professional headshots for various online profiles, but don’t want anything fancy, the business headshot session will suit you.

We’ll create a range of looks from business to smart casual as well as relaxed portraits with an option to capture ‘off-duty’ photographs

outdoors to show your hobbies and interests.

Consistently beautiful photography creates brand trust and recognition across your marketing material, LinkedIn articles, social media, launches, promoting services, magazine submissions, press & PR & company literature.


Designed for performers

Perfect for actors, singers, dancers, teen/child talent, and models. If you’re looking to showcase your talents and express your full potential this is the best value.

Outstanding quality for auditions, CVs, casting agency profiles, website, portfolios, Spotlight photos, press releases, PR submissions, & IMOb

child actor headshot
bio image for amanda herbert photography

CONTACT USLet's work together

My service is specifically designed to be easy and stress-free for you; I’ll talk you through each stage clearly and let you know exactly how to prepare. You’ll get great headshots that truly reflect your personality and brand.

Please contact the Isle of Wight Studio on:
+44 (0)1983 617383
+44 (0)7719316609
[email protected]

Let me know why you need new photos, I can't wait to hear from you, Mandy x

Call Me or send an email

Isle of Wight Studio on +44 (0)1983 617383
or Mandy on +44 (0)7719316609
email: info[at]amandaherbert.com

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