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Headshot advice and Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Here are some of my favourite questions about your headshot session. If you have any other questions or are ready to book your session, contact Mandy on  +44 (0)1983 617383 or Mandy on +44 (0)7719316609 or email info@amandaherbert.com

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How do I arrange my headshot session?

Simply phone +44 (0)7719316609 or email. A date will be booked for your headshot or family session with Mandy on the Isle of Wight. At this point, you will receive a booking confirmation by email with your client contract and session guide, with the flexibility to defer your session if need be. You will also receive a questionnaire to fill in asking what you would like to achieve from your session. Once the £20 non-refundable retainer has been received, I’ll put together your personal styling guide. We’ll chat online before the session to get to know each other better and this will be another opportunity for you to discuss your requirements and ask any questions.

It is really important to me that you achieve what you want from your portrait experience and that is why I take so much care to identify your hopes and expectations beforehand.

What are the hidden extras?

Zip. Zilch. Nothing. There’s no hard sell. And full transparency. You only buy what you like.

What makes your photography service so special?

You won’t need to worry about what to wear or how long the session will take.  Each photo shoot comes with a bespoke brochure that is custom prepared for you.  You’ll know exactly what to expect, plus I’ll share the secrets on how to take a good photo. Let me take control of the details, so you can eagerly anticipate your day, confident that your portraits will be fabulous.

Worried about looking your best?

I’ll share my little-known tips on how to present yourself to the camera.  You can expect light edits as standard on your images to remove the superficial blemishes that are an everyday occurrence in our lives.  If you fancy the spa treatment on your digital files, you can request the luxury ‘beautify me’ package designed to show you at your best.

I'm a real person, not a model!

Everyone hates posing for photos, it’s just not something we do every day.

When people use the word ‘posing’ it’s easy to imagine a chorus of “say cheese”, accompanied with a contrived pose. That won’t be happening on your photoshoot.

My style is relaxed, easy-going, and a little silly… I’m not going to ask you to sit quietly, glare into the camera, and smile.  My aim is to provide an engaging experience during the session, with the bonus of fabulous images at the end.

What should I wear?

Think simple.

Headshots – The number one rule is: wear long sleeves to put the focus on your face. Tailored clothes create a flattering profile as do form-fitting outfits that flow along the body. Avoid creased, wrinkled shirts, patterns, logos and outfits that pull when you fold your arms. Everyone looks great in grey, but you’ll also want to choose colours that match your business brand which is why I offer a bespoke service and style your session.

Families …..Find one perfect article, whether it’s a dress for you or a shirt for your son, and pull colours from that for the rest of the outfits. Coordinating colours look so much more pleasing than identical outfits… seasonal styles also work well. Think spring shades, summer shawls, or autumnal wraps for the family. Choose a style then build from there… image your portrait in 10 years’ time, will it still reflect who your family are

How long do I have to wait to see my images?

I’m thrilled when you’re visibly excited about your prints.

When you first see your proofing gallery, you’ll be glad you decided to have your portraits done. Especially when your friends and family are wowed by your images. An email will be sent 2-3 days after your session, with 30 perfectly exposed previews in your private proofing gallery for a period of 3 weeks. The proofing gallery has light edits only. I know it seems like a hassle, but image theft is a huge problem, and I watermark previews to help protect your privacy.

Simply order the photos you like and I’ll handcraft your images to perfection. They will be delivered via Dropbox/Wetransfer within a week. I want you to enjoy your photographs, so make sure you share your portraits with friends and family.

What can I do with my images?

Show them off!

When you hear the first click of the shutter, you sense that a moment has been captured. I take your hopes and vision and transform them with care, attention, and expertise. I deliver outstanding photographs that make you feel proud. You’ll want to make sure your portraits get the attention they deserve.

Headshot: your photographs are print-ready and full-sized to be used on websites, author pages, portfolios, and advertisements. The world is your oyster.

Can I combine headshots, dating photos, and portraits?

Yes! I’ll create a range of pictures to suit your goals – business, personal, and a little b

When do I see my previews?

My aim is to share your unedited images as soon as possible. It’s typically between 2-3 days. You’ll receive a private gallery which you can share with friends and families.

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