Do you dread having your photograph taken?

Attention professionals! Are you ready to showcase your best self to the world? Look no further than the power of a great headshot! With the ability to captivate and exude confidence, these beacons of beauty are an essential tool for any career-driven individual. Join us on a journey of radiant magnificence and discover the sheer joy of stunning headshots. Don’t miss out, read on to learn more!

Do you dread having your photograph taken?

If you’re thinking about updating your photograph, you’ll be feeling pressed for time, stretched too thin, and finding it impossible to juggle home and life. The dread of adding one more ‘to-do’ item to your work schedule is real.

Nearly every client I work with ask, “How long will it take’ or ‘Can I just get one photo’ which is why I’ve perfected the Expresso session – a 30-minute photoshoot for busy professionals that need one professional photo that really tells their story.

mature woman in grey top

Headshots help you connect

Using my home studio, I’m going to show you exactly what to do to create an expressive headshot quickly so that when you connect with people your avatar conveys a true sense of who you are.

So, if you are looking to update your headshot, or know someone who is looking for a photographer, please tag them in the comments below so they can get these helpful strategies too.

business portrait Indian lady blue dress smiling arms folded

Tip 1 – arrive camera-ready

So, if you’re watching this video you might be ready to update your headshot with a photo you actually like, these tips are for you.

My first portrait tip for you is to arrive camera-ready. Wear a smart outfit that is tailored to fit your body, but doesn’t bulge when you fold your arms. Hair is clean, washed, and styled. Makeup for women can be natural and bring two shades of lipstick from light to dark.

When you arrive ready to go, it makes the session so much easier as we can jump right in and shake off those nerves.

mature female actor look happy

Tip 2 – send your photographer a wish list

The second strategy I have for you is to send a reference image to the photographer ahead of time. To move the session forward quickly, the photographer needs to know what type of image you’d like. I ask clients if they want dark and moody, classic or light, and airy. I’ll also share a Pinterest board so we can agree on exactly how they want to look.

This helps because you won’t be waiting to see how the photos turn out, you’ll know exactly what to expect because you’ve specifically requested the ideal portrait for you.

summer dress hands on hip happy female portrait

Tip 3 – Give feedback

The third strategy requires you to be very honest with the photographer.

Expect to arrive at the studio with everything set up and ready to go: you’ll walk into the studio, stand in front of the lights, and should be able to get started straight away.

After the first few frames review the pictures and tell the photographer which ones work for you. Working together to craft a smile that shines is teamwork, if you don’t like the photographs you won’t be able to generate an honest smile that reaches the eyes.

isle of wight lady looks glamorous

Bonus tip – Avoid clothes that bulge

Now for the last few strategies, I’m going to ask you to take action right now. Your headshot is the first thing people look at when they check out your profile. A professional-looking image will help people connect with you, we all respond positively to a confident, approachable smile. They’ll want to find out more about you and decide if you are a credible connection for them.

Go to your wardrobe now and find your *best* work attire, something that has long sleeves, is nicely tailored, and is clean. So, to make sure your outfit makes a great first impression try it on and look in the mirror. Fold your arms, sit in it. Do you like what you see? Well done. You’ve achieved something, you’ve made the hardest decision you can for getting ready for a portrait session. What to wear.

After you’ve finished admiring yourself in the mirror. Take your best selfie with a smile. For a great headshot, you’ll want a variety of images. A friendly, smile for a welcome newsletter, a corporate serious face for financial reports, and something a little in between for your social media posts.

serious and smiling business headshot women dark hair

Let the Photographer Guide You

When you watch the behind-the-scenes video at the end, see how quickly I move through the poses.

Overthinking kills expression more than anything.

When you see a headshot that has an uncomfortable smile, it’s because the client has been left hanging too long in front of the camera with very little guidance. I’m proud of my supportive demeanor and have a knack for getting the best out of people. I won’t leave you feeling exposed or awkward in front of the camera. In just ten minutes I can generate a smile from even the most camera-shy and I’ll never make you feel awkward.

40 year old in black dress smiles

There’s no perfect portrait

And the last strategy I’m going to leave you with is to take a leap of faith, you can get started by connecting with photographers on LinkedIn. Send them a message, engage with them, and get a feel if they are the right fit for you. Don’t wait for an open diary with no other commitments, just pencil in a date and time, 30 minutes should do it, get out of your headspace, and chat with the photographer. Don’t wait to be perfect, you just need an outfit that’s already in your wardrobe, an experienced photographer, and a willingness to try new things.

If I could leave you with one tip, professional photography is not about the perfect picture. It’s an experience that allows you to dig deep and express yourself, even though you won’t believe me right now, trust the process and you’ll have a professional headshot that you’re proud to share.

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