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For business owners searching for the right photographer offering corporate headshots the options can be overwhelming. It’s tough to decide what type of session you need, the style of photographs to choose, and even what happens on the day.

But fear not, I’ve created this guide to explain some of the options around for new-to-photography clients looking to hire their first professional photographer. If you need professional headshots to refresh your various online profiles? You don’t want anything fancy a few indoors and outdoors, with a few wardrobe changes from business, casual to relax, and off duty. I’ve got you covered.coportate man in jacket

Best for the camera conscious

Headshot Days or ‘specials’ are offered for limited days by photographs offering corporate headshots. They are often at a discounted price and the sessions are built around short sessions that produce one or two great-looking photographs.


  • Quick and Easy
  • Gets fast results
  • Less fuss
  • Fast turn around
  • Last-minute booking
  • Being outdoors helps you relax


  • You’ll be outside
  • Camera conscious might not want to be watched
  • If you need time to warm up your session time will be less productive
  • Changing outside
  • Less flexibility
  • The weather!

business man headshot for bald manBest for corporate headshots

Studio headshots are offered by a variety of Isle of Wight photographers, I cater exclusively to corporate clients that are camera-conscious. My sessions are designed especially with my client’s needs and fears in mind, placing an emphasis on support, guidance, comfort, and easy-going sessions. I operate a bespoke service only taking on a few clients each month to ensure a high level of service.

You’ll want a studio look to your headshots if your corporation or business is more formal. Careers in finance, mortgages, business advisors, estate agents tend to request corporate headshots. Whilst writers, journalists, poets, authors, and creatives request a more relaxed, approachable feel.


  • Plenty of time to ease into it
  • Multiple wardrobe changes
  • Privacy
  • Parking
  • Easier to get into the swing of it
  • Wifi to share mood boards


  • A more formal appeal
  • Less background variety
  • Moving outdoors eases tension if you are camera conscious
  • Fewer photographs in your proofing gallery
  • More expensive than the headshot special
  • Waiting list for bespoke studio sessions

If you are still unsure, a good question to ask is: what would I wear for a job interview?

This will often give you the answer. Read this response from a recent client. See how easy it is to plan 3 outfits: suit with a crisp white shirt, polo T-shirt and chinos, shorts and linen shirt based on his response.

“My bosses expect to see me in ‘business casual’, especially in their offices. I plan to wear a black suit, open neck, white shirt. I’ll be rotating these for my Zoom meetings when I’m talking to new clients.

I work at home a lot too, so some photos in polo shirts would be good. I wear these during Teams when chatting with colleagues. So casual pictures would be good.

I use authentic stories to build up a relationship with my potential clients and talk about my love of coastal sports (sailing; open water swimming; diving). So adding a variety of these activities will help build a visual connection.”

man in suit leans forward for corporate headshots

Best for Dating Websites

This one surprises people.

Whenever a client books for their corporate headshot I offer the option to grab a few relaxed portraits too. Almost always the answer is, “no thanks” until they meet me. On the day of the shoot, you get to see the photographs on the back of the camera and realize you look great in your photographs. It’s easy to get carried away with the fun and excitement. Relaxed portraits were taken just ten minutes and they are often the most loved images. I’ve had clients buy them for their partners, for grandmas and to complete the family portraits on the living wall. Most people are too shy to admit, but they also need photographs for their dating websites.

Photographs for dating websites are more relaxed, outdoors, and candid. This means I’ve caught you in the moment perhaps mid-conversation with a friend, walking through the park or just about to carry out your favourite past time and you’ve just looked up to watch a dog run past.

I’ve perfected a ‘window light’ set up in my home studio where you are sitting on the sofa warming your hands with a cup of tea, book, or iPad nestled on your knee. These work because the lighting is good but you don’t look too ‘contrived’. I also use my private garden for outdoor photographs. I sit people on my well with the fig tree in the background. This works well because you can sit down, look at the sea, listen to the hovercraft and I can capture natural gestures that are perfect for dating websites.

man smiles wearing suit

Have you booked your very first corporate headshot? Or do you remember the first time you stepped in front of the camera? Tell me all about it in the comment box below!

black and white photo of corporate headshots


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