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Family photoshoot on the Isle of Wight this half term

One family organizes a surprise family photoshoot for their grandmother’s 70th birthday and hires me to take their family photos this coming summer. They plan to gather all the family together during their visit to the Isle of Wight, but they are going to do something extra special with her.

Everyone is meeting up at a place called Compton Bay, near Freshwater Bay along Military Road where I will be waiting to take photos of the family as they walk down Compton Downs towards the Solent.

Sure, this summer promises to be beautiful. With the bright evening light creating a buttery glow, it’s easy to capture beautiful memories with families on the Isle of Wight.

When you want family photoshoots, half term is a great time for visitors to the Island.

How about taking a family photoshoot to celebrate your family as it is right now?

As the little ones play football with gramps, their teasing calls echo off the cliff face. Perhaps the children will jump among the waves, excited by the brisk sea air, then dash back to their mother’s arms to be wrapped in a warm towel. I’ll be there to capture it all; a relaxed family photoshoot captures all of these precious moments.

Dramatic, colourful changing coastal skies with interesting colours. Gorgeous evening light can be seen this time of year on our vast beaches, as the sun reflects off the burnished red sand. Clear blue skies. Soaring cliff faces.

There’s no better way to celebrate your family right now than with a family photoshoot.

toddler looking at seeds

I use half term exclusively for family photos because:

  • All the family are together
  • Everyone is relaxed
  • The weather tends to be better
  • We have time to relax into the session

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What better way to show your love than with a family photoshoot

When life is hectic, it can be hard for everyone. Getting a natural, expressive photo of your whole family is such a rarity! Arranging family photos can be a refreshing change to rushed selfies and sometimes, and with a professional family photoshoot you will be able to gain genuine pictures of yourself surrounded by love.

A family photoshoot is an excellent way to celebrate your family just as it is right now. Here is how you can keep things smooth and relaxed:

  • Every family is different, highlight to your professional family photography what type of things your family like to do e.g. do you play cricket on the beach or are you more likely to have a picnic.
  • Pack snacks and water breaks for your little ones, they will get tired and over excited.
  • Family photographers are experienced in working with families and are experts at supporting children as they get tired or overwhelmed.

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Gather the gang for a fun family photoshoot

Family portraits during half term are the best. There is so much to photograph along the coast, from children crabbing in rock pools to families playing cricket. There are even moments when you can stand back and watch your loved ones laughing. The idea of taking a family photoshoot is better than any other way to celebrate your family as it is right now. Here is one way to arrange groups of families:

  • Request your date (& offer 2 possible alternatives). This helps everyone get on the same page.
  • Outline where you will be staying so the photographer can recommend 1 or 2 preferred locations for family photoshoots.
  • Share the ‘what to wear’ to a family photoshoot with each family so you can colour coordinate (i.e. Pick similar shades rather than matchy-matchy ‘everyone wear white stops and blue shorts’)
  • Confirm where, when and how long the session will last with every household.

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Let’s make your family photoshoot a fun-filled experience

Photography is a great way to spend time with your family, future generations will treasure family photos of your holidays on the Isle of Wight.  None of us will last forever, but don’t let that stop you from making something worth remembering.

They’ll want to look back at your family photos, when they grow up and are married with children of their own, and reminisce about shared memories.

The memories captured in digital photographs cannot be passed down through generations, so don’t forget to print them out (I recommend using Photobox).

family photographer isle of wight

How I make family photoshoots fun:

  • Let your children lead the way for the first ten minutes, leaving the camera in the bag
  • Engage the children in games (chasing, catching, hunting; singing; laughing)
  • Sometimes I photograph the children unawares by standing far back and using a long lens
  • Knowing when to give them space and when to engage with their curiosity
  • Stop when the children are tired

Say thank you to your family and capture those beautiful moments with our photo shoot packages. Contact Amanda Herbert Photography on +44 (0)7719316609 or use the email below. I will send an elegant eGift Card for you to present to as a surprise gift for your family photoshoot. Put your family in a picture, and cherish the memories.


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