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5 Ways Executive Portraits Help You Get More Business

For Executives, a headshot is an important professional statement. Typically, they denote the success of the individual and capture their gravitas.

Executive Portraits may be a more formal type of portrait, usually in a studio or their office setting. These portraits portray top executives and have a certain presence that is different from the more traditional portrait session.

Although the executive portrait is slightly different, the goal is still to capture the individual in the best way possible. These images portray top executives and have a certain air of importance about them. These photoshoots are usually more dynamic than a traditional one, and the purpose is to capture the essence of the corporation’s values such as power, respect, authority, and renowned business acumen.

An example below is my client who arranged two separate professional photoshoots: one for a CEO LinkedIn Headshot and the other for branding photos to be used on her vision/influencer page. Two very different styles and messages.

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01 – Have a strong presence in the business world.

Branding photos show off the personality and unique expression of the CEO or business owner. However, the executive portrait is a little different. These images portray top executives and have a certain heft.

By using your professional pictures you can indicate to competitors, new clients, and your online audience that you are a serious professional and an expert in your field. Experts in their fields are often paid more and receive more business.

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02 – Show the power and personality

Depending on your company and brand ethos, you might want to tell the story of a small company or an entrepreneur’s pursuits. In which case, your executive portraits might blur the lines between business and individual life.

Essentially, executive portraits involve a series of photos taken in different locations with a variety of poses. Often involving a change of clothes from more formal to more casual attire. This is about making a ‘resume’ to show a potential employer. You can photograph your skills, such as speaking to an audience, and what you can do in the future. You can also showcase your hobbies and things you are good at such as welcoming new members to your club.

An example below is another client who started with formal executive portraits to be used in zoom presentations and finished with relaxed, approachable pictures show hinted at his interest in fishing and boating to anchor the ‘know, like and trust’ approach.

confident man in a suitoutdoor headshots and branding male

03 – Executive Portraits Command Respect

Using your executive portraits online can help you engage a large audience of potential clients. Additionally, people may subscribe to email or become new connections. Not only does this help to expand the number of people who connect with your business, but it also enhances your image as someone to respect and seek out new business opportunities.

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04 – Executive Portraits can be used in any marketing or branding efforts.

Sales and marketing are all about relationships. The best way to nurture leads is to stay in touch with them and treat them well. You can do this by sending them emails, calling them, or even meeting with them in person. It’s important to keep your relationship with them strong so that they will eventually want to do business with you. Professional executive portraits are the fastest way to accomplish this.

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05 –Achieve your goals

When launching a new product or business venture, who has the time and resources to organize a professional photoshoot and share it on websites and other social media platforms?

When you’re setting about to devise a marketing plan, I strongly suggest that you focus on arranging an executive portrait headshot session. It takes people seven times to click on an advertisement before they are ready to buy, so creating stronger relationships with your target audience with a professional headshot makes it much more likely they are ready to buy.

In the portrait planning stage, I conduct a deep dive into your business and personal goals so that I can tailor the session to your needs and deliver photographs you can use across a wide range of platforms. I can provide you with a professional image for your avatar, a smiling headshot with a lot of space for a magazine spread, a portrait with your hands in the air as if in the conversation for your YouTube banner, etc.

Executives need to be serious, but they also want to be relatable. Here at ‘Amanda Herbert Photography’, I’m an expert at capturing executives in a way that allows them to show their true personalities and tells the story of who they are.

Contact Amanda Herbert Photography on +44 (0)7719316609 or use the email below. Being Isle of Wight-based, I often conduct executive portraits outdoors around Ryde and in my Seaview home studio.   Get in touch now.

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