Camera shy0Feeling at ease during your corporate headshot photography

Feeling at ease during your corporate headshot photography

Working with corporate headshot photography can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re shy by nature. How can you overcome this obstacle to create corporate headshot photography that shines with confidence? With the right skills, you will be able to enjoy corporate headshot photography, free from the anxiety that can arise in such situations.

It’s completely normal to feel apprehensive, but there are plenty of things you can do to alleviate these emotions. In this article, you’ll discover why you feel so nervous before corporate headshot photography and how to handle it so you can enjoy the experience.

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How to feel at ease during your corporate headshot photography session.

When you walk into my home studio, you should feel at ease. As your corporate headshot photographer, I will make you comfortable and help you relax. I will talk to you and make sure you are feeling good.

After a cup of tea and a natter, we will then start to take photos. I’ll will give direction, whilst also letting you be yourself. You don’t need to worry about how you look – I will help with that.

Here’s how to relax and have fun with it!


  • Choose the right clothing using your 12 page Style Guide
  • Send over a snapshot for last minute guidance
  • Groom yourself appropriately
  • Bring a picture of what you want your final product to look like


During the Session:

  • Arrive early and take some time to relax
  • Take a deep breath and relax between shots (this releases tension in the smile)
  • Give feedback to the photographer if you spot something you don’t like
  • Be yourself
  • Follow the photographer’s direction
  • Strike a pose that feels natural to you
  • Use props if necessary

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How to deal with nerves during corporate headshot photography

You can also think about and identify precisely what’s causing your anxiety. These additional tips will allow you to relax ahead of your corporate headshot photography.

  • Are you worried about meeting the photographer? You can follow my IG account to watch reels and enjoy behind the scenes videos. This will help you get a sense of who I am.
  • Plan your outfit in advance. Most people panic the night before as they are packing. I’m here for any last minute advice!
  • Don’t be late. Although the Isle of Wight is a small island, it still takes up to 30 to 40 minutes to travel anywhere!
  • Work out what type of photographs you want. This will help during the session and give feedback on the photos as you view them on the back of the camera.
  • Trust the process. Most people admit they didn’t believe this one. But once you meet me you’ll feel ‘that you’re in good hands’ as I guide you through the experience.

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How do you not get nervous during corporate headshot photography?

You’re planned and packed. Confirmed the weather with the photographer. Keyed in your route and have enjoyed selecting a few photos you want to see recreated. But your stomach is queasy, your palms are sweaty, and questions race around your mind: will you photograph well, will you like the photographs, will you look happy in your pictures, and will you enjoy yourself?

Confidence is key when it comes to success. When we are nervous, our confidence diminishes and it becomes difficult to focus on our goals. Luckily, there are a few techniques we can use to help stop getting nervous and boost our confidence.

First, visualization can be incredibly helpful – When we visualize ourselves succeeding, it puts us in a positive frame of mind and helps us feel more confident. I use muscle memory and previsualization built into our sessions so your body falls naturally into a confident pose. Because we have practiced the routine prior to taking the photo, your gaze and body language is relaxed.

Additionally, deep breathing can help us to relax and focus on the task at hand – Before I take a photograph you’ll hear me give directions, “open your lips …. breathe … look down to the floor …. can you see the dog walking past … lower your shoulders”. This flow of direction helps you relax and feel connected with the process.

Finally, setting small goals instead of focusing on the end goal can help us feel more in control and boost our confidence. Although my corporate headshot photography sessions can be just 30 minutes, I break them down into 5 parts: explaining the pose, showing you the pose, practicing the pose, flowing through one time, and only then do I actually take the photos. This sounds complicated but it’s a sure-fire way of generating the smiles you see in these photos. Teaching you small steps to work towards beautiful photographs helps you feel at ease.

How can I be confident during corporate headshot photography?

During your corporate headshot photography session, it’s important to project confidence. After all, you want potential clients and partners to see you as a strong, capable individual.

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Here are a few tips for exuding confidence:

Stand tall and straight; shoulders back – this body language projects assurance and quiet confidence in your abilities. During the photoshoot, I guide your body position from your nose to your toes.

Make eye contact with the photographer and smile – We achieve this by coaching or directing your gaze and expression. It’s hard to put into words, but I talk to you and take photographs during the ‘in-between times’ so your smile and expression are honest and open.

Picture yourself having a successful photo session in your mind – My sessions are shorts and sweet because I guarantee to capture your personality within 30 minutes. Static poses and frigid expressions are avoided because I openly nurture your confidence.

Smile and make a positive conversation with your photographer – The best way to look confident is to act confident. Corporate headshot photography is used by professionals who are familiar with high pressured jobs where networking, presentations, and working under pressure are the norm. I tap into this talent to help you project the same kind of confidence you need in your working life.

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I’m nervous about my corporate headshot photography!

Because they are working with someone they don’t know or have never met, people are often concerned about what happens during corporate headshot photography.

We hope that this advice will help you achieve a more relaxed and calm approach to corporate headshot photography. Being professionally photographed can be an exciting and fun experience. So do your best to enjoy it and who knows, your next business sale might just come from your headshot!

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How do I calm my nerves before corporate headshot photography?

One of the most important things to remember when having your corporate headshot taken is to stay confident. This means you should take some time to practice and prepare for the shoot.

Another way to boost your confidence is by dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. This might mean wearing something that makes you feel powerful or stylish. Don’t feel like you have to buy anything new, finding something that you might wear for a job interview is ideal.

Smiling in the mirror is a great way to practice your smile and feel more confident before a corporate headshot session. A genuine smile will make you look more approachable and friendly to your potential clients. When you’re feeling nervous, take a few minutes to stand in front of the mirror and practice smiling. This will help you feel more confident when it comes time for your headshot session.

Finally, it’s important to take some deep breaths and relax before the shoot begins. Remind yourself that you’re capable and professional. I often invite clients to shake out their nerves and break out of their ‘camera pose or smile’ when I’m not actually taking their photo. Holding a pose or smile is the quickest way to photograph that look awkward.

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In conclusion, there are a few things you can do to calm your nerves before corporate headshot photography. Drink plenty of water, eat a light meal, and take a deep breath. If possible, relax in a comfortable space beforehand. Finally, remember that the photographer is there to help you look your best. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to take on your headshot session with confidence!

If you need corporate headshot photography or photos in general, feel free to contact me on +44 (0)7719316609 or use the email below. Being Isle of Wight-based, I often conduct business portraits outdoors around Ryde and in my Seaview home studio. Get in touch now.


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