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``Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile.`` ~Author Unknown
On the photoshoot day

Below are the steps I took to ensure the session was planned to perfection. My goal is to do all the hard work, so you’re left free and easy to enjoy the day. Enjoy the preview of what to expect during your professional portrait session on the Isle of Wight. Each session is different as...

What to wear

If you’re wondering what to wear for your headshot session, these tips will help anyone look amazing in photos. Make packing a breeze! Take a look at these outfit ideas for headshots! What to wear for professional headshots (and why these outfits are so flattering) As a mature woman of a certain age who also happens...

Getting to know You

This questionnaire was written with you in mind. Want authentic moments? When it gets right down to it, this is YOUR session. Make it personal, make it about you. .. and remember, above all else, have FUN with it. Your responses will help give me some insight into your personality and will help determine my...

Review your experience

Every photographer sees the world in a different way.  So, what do I put into my work? Well, let’s put it this way … I aim to be your guide for the day, your last-minute life saviour, and your number one fan.

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