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Business Headshot Approach

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Business Headshot

It Takes Two to Create a Stunning Natural Portrait of You!

The best business headshot approach is teamwork. What do you imagine when you finally take that step to choose a photographer? This is a question I’m always keen to hear the answer to from my clients, as I’m usually quite surprised by the answers.

The majority of my clients tell me they imagine:

  • Some good shots of themselves, or their colleagues
  • A few wardrobe changes
  • A studio
  • A rushed affair that may get results
  • Lots of photographs to choose from so they have more chance of finding one for the wall
  • A few embarrassed giggles
  • An insight into how celebrities feel at photo-shoots

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Benefits of Business Headshots

These expectations may be realistic for a studio that has set up to make money only; however, it always intrigues me that my clients don’t envisage the following:

  • Forming a friendly relationship with the photographer
  • Enjoying every minute of the experience
  • Discovering new ways to pose so every photo looks great in the future, not just on the day
  • Learning techniques that ensure you look amazing
  • Unearthing the side of you that others see but you rarely do
  • Relaxing as you enjoy an experience that falls under the pamper category
  • Being in expert hands enables the photographer to capture precious expressions from even the most reluctant business owner
  • Leaving with images you can’t wait to share with the world
  • Feeling a boost to your self-esteem

See, I chose my profession as it called to me; I have an unquenchable passion for revealing that part of you or your profession that’s often captured in rare precious moments when a camera isn’t to hand. I strive to ensure that your best memories are not just etched on your mind and prone to fading over time but caught on camera too so you can grow confident that the best bits of your life are translated into tangible evidence that you can look back on for decades.

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What is a Business Headshot?

A business headshot is a professional photograph of an individual taken with the specific purpose of showcasing their image in a corporate setting. These images are often used for various applications such as websites, social media platforms, business cards, and other marketing materials. A good business headshot approach requires planning and preparation to ensure that the final product conveys professionalism and confidence.

When preparing for your business headshot session, it is important to consider factors such as wardrobe selection, hair styling or makeup application, and facial expression. It is also essential to choose a suitable location that reflects the desired message you wish to convey in your photos. Your photographer should have experience working with clients in a corporate setting and be able to provide guidance on posing techniques that will enhance your overall appearance in your photographs.

Investing in a high-quality business headshot can benefit you by presenting yourself as trustworthy, professional, and approachable.

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A Personalized Business Headshot Approach: Expect Nothing Less than Perfection from Your Premier Isle of Wight Photographer.

When it comes to corporate headshots, some may not expect perfection from their photographer, but as the premier Isle of Wight photographer, I certainly do. Your headshot is a reflection of not just you, but also my skills and abilities as a photographer. I take it personally if you are not completely satisfied with the results of your photo shoot. That’s why I work hard to create an environment where you can feel relaxed and stress-free, so that together we can create stunning headshots that exceed your expectations.

I’ll confess to being very outside my comfort zone at the prospect of a photo shoot but Amanda’s engaging and friendly professionalism washed all of that away in minutes. And as to the finished products all I can say is from the feedback I’ve had so far, after posting the images, has been staggeringly good.

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Tips for a Good Business Headshot

The Reluctant Professional

We can’t predict the mood we’ll be in on the day you’re booked in for a corporate headshot. You may have decided that today you’re having a bad hair day, your clothes don’t look right or nothing seems to be going your way.

Tiredness, stress, or just general grumpiness can contribute and some professionals arrive feeling stressed as they’ve found it a struggle simply to leave the house.

Although this may seem like the end of the world as you envisage a shoot that shows you all at your worst, I won’t add to the stress, I’ll alleviate it. I have tips and techniques that ensure I capture great shots of you and also help you relax and unwind.

Many clients assume it’s their job to stand still, static and rigid, and smile but remember, this is a pampering experience, one that you want to remember as stress-free, so sit back, relax, and leave the rest to me!

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Enjoy Professional Results

A Lasting Impression

In this modern age, I work with digital which ensures you don’t just get to pick one picture you like but lots! These can then be printed at your leisure in whatever size you choose yet I must recommend that you think seriously about the printing, as low quality can ruin the magic we created together on the day!

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Preparing for Your Headshot

Question Everything

If you have any questions at all before booking your corporate headshot by an Isle of Wight headshot photographer I’m here to answer them via email or even over the phone as this is your big day and I will work tirelessly to ensure it exceeds your expectations from the outset.

Common questions include:

  • What outfits should I bring?
  • Where’s the best location?
  • How long will it take?
  • Can I add an extra person?
  • Can you accommodate special needs?

Your questions help us to develop the relationship that will give you the photographs you can’t wait to print. So please, get in touch, tell me about you, and your role, let me in on your favourite pastimes and hobbies, even ‘big goals’ for your business, and I’ll learn more about the real you, ensuring I capture it on the day.

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