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Expert Headshot Tips for Business Owners

I’m an Isle of Wight headshot photographer and I believe headshot photography is a great way for Isle of Wight business owners to connect with potential clients, and there are a few tips and tricks that help maximize your Isle of Wight headshot photo session.

As an Isle of Wight headshot photographer, I’m passionate about using my photography to help you reach out and connect with your audience so you can build your business and succeed.

There is plenty of expert advice I could share that applies to performers, actors, singers, and dancers, in fact, just about everyone. So I wanted to focus on the sort of things small business owners should know before they book their headshot photo session.

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actor wears pink top

I had my first session with Amanda and she made me feel at such ease. Very easy to get along with and makes you feel fully comfortable. We had a laugh with her bubbly personality and the mood felt light and easy. Can’t recommend Amanda enough!

soft feminine woman in pink by an Isle of Wight headshot photographer

Here are my top 12 headshot photography tips for any business owner getting ready to update their office profile soon.


Research your audience

Knowing who your clients are, and what their likes and interest are may seem silly at first but the more you understand your target market, the better you’ll be able to connect with them. Your professional headshot should project the type of person YOUR AUDIENCE would like to buy from or work with. This youtube video can explain in detail.

  • Do you need a formal, corporate headshot?
  • Is your office more relaxed and informal?
  • Is there a dress code you are expected to follow?
  • Do you work from home now or visit clients?
  • Do you work in a creative industry or a very traditional one?

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strong female looks at camera


Define your business goals

Knowing WHY you need a new headshot helps the photographer plan a bespoke session that works towards curating the exact photographs you’ll need?


  • Do you need a close-up for an avatar?
  • A friendly smile for brochure pages?
  • A formal, arms crossed stance for financial reports?
  • A mid-length view for a company banner?

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actor headshots on pink background


Plan 3 different outfits from business to smart casual

Don’t arrive with 3 white shirts paired with 3 different coloured T-shirts, tops, or ties. They won’t give you the variety you need. Bring 3 to 5 outfits from smart suits or tailored dresses, polo shirts with chinos, relaxed jersey top with dark denim.

I prefer muted colours such as grey, mustard, olive, plum, and navy because they photograph well and allow the focus to remain on your face.

glamerous woman in off the shoulder top


Don’t be over-ambitious with your plans

Avoid any surprises by sharing why you need headshots, highlighting any deadlines or important projects that you have in the pipeline. Working towards these goals will make the session productive and efficient. Headshot sessions fly by and you’ll be surprised how quickly time goes, working towards a clear goal will stop you from feeling overwhelmed and panicky.  Keep the session simple, focused and your investment will be rewarded with confident, personable headshots.

classy black and white photos


Consider lifestyle and portraits too

If you’ve followed my advice above, you’ll find yourself with time to have a little fun. I always offer a sneaky beauty portrait at the end of the session, just for the sheer joy of enjoying the process. Most people buy these photographs as presents for loved ones. Energy is high at the end of my headshot photo sessions and it’s a great way to finish; your confidence is high and it’s easy to smile openly into the camera.

grey top actor model


Tips if you’re self-conscious

I think one of the biggest fears for business owners during headshot sessions is the frustration of feeling self-conscious in front of the camera. Working with a photographer that knows how to ease first-time nerves makes life easier and simpler.

My approach is to help you overcome your fears so you make a big impact with your headshots. My method is to acknowledge why you feel uncomfortable, show you how to stand in flattering ways, engage in conversations to relax the face, and only take a photograph once you are ready to smile openly and honestly.

black leather jeans and top for headshot


Future proof your photos

Another helpful approach is to ensure your headshots serve you now and in the future. You can do this by:

  • Wearing classic clothing that won’t date
  • Choose colours, makeup, and hairstyles that don’t follow trends
  • Align yourself to your business goals (so you can use your photography again and again for different projects in the future)

A business headshot is a great and easy way to convey legitimacy to your audience. When people are considering working with you, when they see the same confident smile across different platforms and timeframes, it makes it easy for them to know, like, and trust you.

beautiful woman smiles


My favourite headshot tip: defining the jawline

The conventional idea to make yourself look slimmer and younger is to shoot from above and raise your chin. This only works for selfies and phones. The experience of working with an Isle of Wight headshot photographer is quite different from selfies and photos were taken by a friend.

To enhance your jawline and create elegant necklines I’ll show you how pushing your forehead forward and down actually improves your chin line making you look more focused, slim, and confident.

off the shoulder top on model



Book a photographer with expert posing

When you make a booking with an Isle of Wight headshot photographer, let the studio know that you are anxious about looking good in front of the camera and you’re not sure what to do.

You’ll get all the support and encouragement you need which leads to great-looking headshots without the for need lots of Photoshop or filters.

I like to show people how to stand, what to do with their hands, where to look, and even how to relax the mouth. As I explain why these tricks work, I’ll guide you again into the same pose, then I generate engagement with you so that you can smile naturally. I aim to foster a real relationship between myself and my clients so you can truly relax and enjoy the session. It makes all the difference to your smiles.

black and white photo of actor outdoors



Set time limits on your session

One strategy I use is to stop photographing my clients as soon as I sense they are ‘done’.

You always review the photographs on the back of the camera between each set and I double, double check we have the photographs you need. Headshot photo sessions have an emotional journey, it’s true!

Nerves, relief, excitement, energy, and then a creative slump.

I plan each outfit to match the emotional journey, for example, a formal outfit at the start when nerves suit a calmer, focused gaze towards the camera.

Once we hit the tired stage, I like to ask if my clients are ready to stop rather than pushing them beyond their comfort zone.

send a snap shot of your outfit by an Isle of Wight headshot photographer


Don’t think you need to lose weight

The bottom line is don’t need to worry about losing weight. Bad hair days. Skin breakouts. Not having a THING to wear.

I know you won’t believe this right now, especially if you are feeling low or out of sorts. But I guarantee you can take great photos and I’ll show you how.

Isle of Wight headshot photographer takes photos of lady looking over her shoulder


You can bring a colleague or friend

The photo above is a previous client who recommended my service to Olivia, they arrived together for this session.

I offer a headshot session for 2 people for my booking fee. Not many people take me up on this offer because they are shy or self-conscious. But when I work with colleagues together, mothers and daughters, teams and pets, the smiles are always broader and happier.

Not only does it make the session more fun, but it also ensures you have a second person to cast an eye over your outfit or offer suggestions during the session.

I hope these headshot tips & tricks for business owners are useful, remember getting the right headshot is a specialized field that many photographers strive to succeed in. Use these tips in this headshot guide for business owners to start heading in the right direction.

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