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Portraits to Empower
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I GET ITThe struggles are real

I turned 52 in 2023.

My life has been full! Battling with weight loss. Imposter syndrome. Fear of failure. Guilt and self-doubt. It’s hard to watch my body age with wrinkles and lines beneath the surface (that’s also me in the photo below).

This is what I’ve learned. When something *big* happens in women’s lives, they reach out to me. Because my portrait sessions give them something back. A fresh start. Now it’s about being who they want to be.

In 2023, I invite all women to empower themselves through beauty and boudoir portrait experiences.

Women who don’t define themselves by their age or experience.

Women who want to be bold. Trans women in love. Women who have loved (and lost). Women waiting for life to begin. Women who walk away from pain. Women who battle their demons (and are proud of their scars). Women who celebrate their imperfections.

Women who need fresh starts.

BECAUSEIt's hard to feel beautiful

You feel like you are carrying the weight of the world.
Wondering why you haven't met your life partner yet?
There's a lot on your plate and in your heart right now.
It's a busy and challenging time in your life.
Looking in the mirror and wondering, "Is that another wrinkle?"?
outline of body through frosted glass
boudoior photos through frosted glass

IMAGINEWhat if you could ...

Change how people perceive you.

Women take on so many roles throughout their lives. Daughters. Sisters. Aunts. Grandmothers. Caregiver. Friend. Confidant. Buddy. Mentor. Educator. Nurse.

We never stop putting other people’s needs before our own. Sometimes it’s hard to remember who we once were.

So I invite you to make 2023 your time to shine.

Brush off the dust that has settled over your soul, the part you hide from others (& maybe yourself too).

It’s time to rise, like a phoenix, with confidence showing the world, “this is me!”

Introducing Finding Your Beautiful

To celebrate a year of transformation, in 2023 I’ve made it my mission to empower women to give them back their strength, beauty and confidence.


Hair and Makeup

Look perfect with hair and makeup styled to make you look fresh and luminous.

✔ Discover what colours suit you

✔ Enjoy being pampered

✔ Arrive at the studio camera ready


Wardrobe Styling

Your 12-page style guide will show you exactly pack so you feel confident in your choices

✔ Outfit choices

✔ The night before

✔ How to make your eyes sparkle


I’ll be right by your side

There is no need to know how to pose, what to look at, how to hold your hands, or how to express emotion.

✔  Expression coaching

✔  Posing guidance with no mystery

✔  Flattering arrangements that work for everyone

HOW TO STARTMaking it easy

pretty girl sat on sofa

Step 1

Reserve your date

Select “Reserve” below! Only 1 spot is available each month.

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Step 2

We’ll plan your day

Let’s set up a Pinterest Board, arrange your style consultation, and send your Style Guide by email.


That’s it!

Relax, and let me create beautiful portraits that will make your heart sing.

  • 30 minute session
  • No hair and makeup
  • 3 digital photographs
  • Prices do not include prints
£50 deposit reserves your date
  • 2 hour session
  • Hair and makup
  • 3 outfit changes / backgrounds
  • 6 digital photographs
  • Prices do not include prints
£50 deposit reserves your date
  • 3 hour session
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Unlimited outifts
  • 9 digital photographs
  • Prices do not include prints
£50 deposit reserves your date


Please contact the Isle of Wight Studio on +44 (0)1983 617383

or Mandy on +44 (0)7719316609 or email 

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