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MY APPROACHWhat to expect from a session with me

"I believe photoshop and model looks aren't necessary for a beautiful portrait."

I’m Mandy Herbert, and I use my ten-plus years of experience in providing a professional photography service to people from all walks of life.

I approach each commission with relish, looking forward to discovering your individual goals, and making you look simply gorgeous while maintaining a fresh, clean, modern photographic style.

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MY EXPERTISEEveryone loves a great photo that they can use

the way to the glorious result is a little different with me.

Everyone loves a great photo that they can use for the family album, on Christmas cards to friends, or simply for online profiles however the way to the glorious result is a little different with me.

You may prepare for the day by choosing your best clothes, flattening that stray hair, and polishing the patent shoes but as soon as you step inside my studio, you’ll wonder why you were so nervous!

I believe that beauty comes from within, it’s a cliché I know, but natural smiles are the best. Therefore, my job is not simply to take your photograph, it’s to put you at ease, make you smile, make you show me who you really are!

MY VALUESWhat I won't do

I'll never make you shout, 'cheese!'

Only by delving deep and paying attention to what makes you tick will I be able to deliver the photographs that you think are out of this world.

There’s no defining structure for what we’ll get up to, as everyone’s different. Going with the flow works best for natural smiles and pictures that you’ll treasure forever.

Whether it’s a photo of you on your own or a family portrait I won’t ask you to stand up straight, smile for the camera, and look straight at the flash! These methods went out in the Victorian age, I want to capture life, I want to capture your life and I want your photo to be buzzing with energy!


MY PRINCIPLESYou’ll be amazed at your photographs

Just take a look at my portfolio; you’ll see the smiles defined for all to see.

My first task is to make you relax, don’t worry you’ll never feel self-conscious or made to feel a fool! We’ll do this in a variety of ways, depending on how you’d like to be photographed, how you are going to use the pictures, and what you’d like the outcome to be.

Everyone wants a photo that doesn’t look staged and that’s exactly what I like to produce. We won’t simply stand about, we might take a stroll along the coast, share a coffee ahead of the session, or jump right in to shake off the nerves. Basically, anything that ensures your tension subsides, your confidence grows and your smiles keep coming is good enough for me!

MY SERVICENow is the time to live your dream

"Release the confidence within, let me show you how to take a beautiful photograph."

Sometimes you’re at your most relaxed when you’re in the company of someone you trust. And I want to be that person. Your partner, best friends, even your mum will see a side of you that has never been caught on camera before.

In summary, you’re not simply turning up to a studio, standing in a line, and being snapped by a silent photographer, you’re having a fun day out where every laugh and smile will be caught on camera!

Now that you know a little about me; I’d love to get to know you – drop me a line using the contact form below, or call for a good old-fashioned chat 07719316609.



ceo headshot for LinkedIn

I help new business owners get headshots quickly so they can update their website because they dream of showing the world what they do and how they help clients.

business headshot for old man

I help busy business owners get reassuringly professional headshots quickly to help them connect with straight-laced corporations that will help them establish authority and expertise as a trusted advisor.

actor headshot

I use my knowledge of the creative industry to help performers, actors and musicians discover the recipe to expressive headshots so they can apply to Spotlight, acting agencies, auditions, and casting calls.

mature women in mustard top

I encourage wise women, who hate having their photographs taken, and show them how to shine in photos that glow with their relaxed, confident, and happy outlook.

older women smiles to camera

I cheer on independent women launch new careers with high-end photography that transforms their website, marketing and social media with storytelling imagery that oozes personality.

teen model photos

I coach teen models wanting to take their first, tentative steps into a modelling career by tutoring, explaining and showing them the ropes so they can blossom and flourish safely.

author headshot on farm

I support self-published authors create an authentic headshot for their eBook because launch day is looming on Amazon and they need a by-line photo for their promotions.


I give experienced actors the chance to show their talents through a range of expressive portraits that show the story telling skills and talents.

bio image for a photographer

I deliver workshops and tutorials to other creatives who are interested in furthering their skills so they can sell products on-line and make more money.


CONTACT USLet's work together

My service is specifically designed to be easy and stress-free for you; I’ll talk you through each stage clearly and let you know exactly how to prepare. You’ll take control of your brand image and speak to the right audience with the very best brand portraits.

Please contact the Isle of Wight Studio on:
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Let me know why you need new photos, I can't wait to hear from you, Mandy x

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