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This week we’ll talk about changing the way you think about studio sessions and I want my tips to be a game-changer for small business owners on LinkedIn.

I’m going to tell you exactly how 30-minute sessions can save you time whilst generating the best expressions because confident headshots should be part of your marketing strategy.

Why would you need a quick session?

If you’ve admired other people’s professional headshots but and you’re not quite sure if you could look that confident, then look no further.

I’m the face behind Amanda Herbert Photography which means I am completely passionate when it comes to sharing why I think you only need 30 minutes to produce great headshots.

So, to give you a little bit of context most people use photographs taken on their phone or by a friend, but these don’t really give you a professional edge.

So why am I sharing these tips and how will they help you? I want you to be open to the idea that you only need 30 or 40 minutes to produce great portraits and realize that you too can have a confident smile in your portraits.

Consider the following advantages …

Fact 1 – The first picture is often the best

The best pictures are often taken within the first ten minutes. You are fresh, focused, and feeling excited about the session.

This is a self-portrait as part of my Lockdown Project. It is the first image I took and has the best expression because I’m relaxed and curious about how the images will turn out. I took a further 131 photographs and not one of them look this relaxed.

I truly believe a short session produces great expressions so you can use your professional photos to connect with your audience quickly, which is great for driving engagement and building relationships.

Fact 2 – Short sessions don’t give you camera-fatigue

30-minute sessions mean you can fit it into your lunch break. That way you won’t resent the time taken away from your other projects. Dashing in and out of the studio leaves you with the energy and enthusiasm to really throw yourself into the experience.

It’s much easier to engage with your session when you’re not resentful of the time carved out of your busy schedule.

Fact 3 – Spend spare time with family and friends

Getting your pictures over and done with quickly offers a huge opportunity to dedicate yourself to other projects such as creating a stronger pitch, sales page, or product. It also leaves the weekend free for friends and family.

Quick sessions work because they draw on the photographer’s expertise in lighting, coaching, and understanding of their craft. In today’s busy and fast-paced environment, you want the reassurance you’re working with a trusted professional, removing the need to go back and forth trying to get the image right.

An easier portrait experience

Finally, your timely updates to your professional headshot with quick sessions help you create a more personal dialogue with your connections and it’s particularly great for showing your real personality in a professional way.

So in terms of what you need to know:

  • Book a professional with years of experience
  • Use your energy to create smiles not nerves
  • Find someone with a trusted process that eliminates mistakes

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are about 30-minute sessions and if you’ve had a go at creating your own headshot. Thanks so much for reading and do visit the links below for other helpful articles on how to level up your portraits  …

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