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Planning author headshots your session is similar to coordinating a holiday and, like any adventure, it’s helpful to know how to get there! You’ll need to know your starting point and the route you’re going to take – do you want traditional portraits, carefree lifestyle sessions, styled sessions with coordinated outfits?

Knowing your starting point helps avoid unnecessary detours through uncharted waters, with the niggling doubt that you’ve taken a wrong turn! What if I only need prints? Could I use a coffee table book? How can I use digital negatives?

abby broomfield author

Standing Out as an Author With Polished Headshots

Publishing a book is a monumental achievement. Now it’s time to establish yourself as an authority and resonate with readers through impactful visual branding. This guide provides 5 must-know tips to craft author headshots that spotlight your unique voice and connection to audience.

With the flood of new books released annually, a striking yet accessible author photo builds instant recognition. It invites readers to connect to the human behind cherished stories and wisdom. Yet many writers dread facing the camera, unsure how to capture genuine magnetism.

By understanding essential elements like flattering angles, thoughtful props, ideal backdrops and more, you’ll gain confidence in portraying the essence of both your work and yourself. Follow this roadmap to author headshots that boost approachability and thought leadership. Soon you’ll attract perfect partners to amplify your message through glimpses of the resonant storyteller within.


01. What do I want? The first thing to do is decide WHY you want to hire a photographer? Are you celebrating an event, like a birthday or a new chapter in your life? Is your family wanting to record a key event or memory?

abby in lovely summer dress in newport


02. Who shall I work with? Sometimes it’s easier to overcome the hurdle of booking a professional photographer by taking each stage, step by step. Pick up the phone. Have a conversation. Ask a few questions. Decide whether you like the person on the end of the line.  The more you learn about the photographer, the easier it will be to make the jump to book your author photoshoot in Ryde.

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gorgeous photo of author


03. Plan online? Once you choose a date and location. The planning stage begins. Let the photographer do this for you. Ask them for your welcome pack, on-the-day guide, and what to wear style guide (ask to see my ebooks). You’re guaranteed success if you plan simply – flattering outfits, comfortable styles, and jewel colours such as coral, emerald, or sapphire layered with organic base colours.

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close fitting top for headshottwist hair and hold for nice photos


04. When can I see my photos? Right at the end of the session, there’s always one last question. When can I see my photos? Your photographer should be able to highlight a timeline for when the Facebook previews are revealed when your blog is released, and when your print order will be ready for sharing with friends and family. You need to know exactly what you are getting and when your artwork will arrive.

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photo of author on their farm


05. Do I get digital images? Photography prices and packages can be confusing. Without holding a framed print or placing a canvas on your mantelpiece, how do you know what you want? Let’s make it easy. I make a gift of web size images with each and every package. That way, you get to share your lovely memories easily.

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sunset photo on farm for author headshots

I hope you find these tips helpful and that your next natural portrait session on the Isle of Wight is a hoot. I’d love to know which tip you think is the most helpful, your thoughts on the blog, and all things photographic! I’ll be posting more ideas next week, see you again. Mandy


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