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If you are looking for an affordable portrait photographer on the Isle of Wight, look no further. Hannah here first contacted me for an outdoors ‘Headshot Special’ in Ryde. When the weather had other ideas, we quickly rearranged a studio session inside my home studio (living room) in Ryde.

Looking for creative, friendly, and relaxed photos for her new career, Hannah explains that her work is more casual than formal which inspires a session that showcases her spontaneity and flair for an artistic, literary, and intelligent approach to life.

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“Oh my goodness Mandy! I can’t thank you enough – these are stunning and have allowed me to see myself in a new light. I struggled with my appearance for years, but you can see the journey we went on in these photos toward an authentic self with no pretense. Thank you so, so much. I am so glad I did this. I am SO unbelievably happy!”

The creation of these much-loved photographs became a passion project for Hannah and me searching for images that depicted her real personality and love for life.

There is a surprising mix of contemporary portraits as well as bespoke headshots. I try and make each photo different. Smiles, laughter, confident gazes, and spontaneous looks rather than ‘just another photo’.

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Affordable Portrait Photographer: The Benefits

Hannah enthuses,

“Wow, these are amazing! Thank you so, so much once again. I’m really glad I did this, and as always really appreciate the work you are doing-especially for women like me who need a helping hand to step in front of the camera. When I look at these photos, I don’t feel like I’m looking at one of my controlled selfies or artifice, but my actual self!”

Hannah works in literary circles and is a self-professed feminist (see one of her bios here), she found my portfolio via google and was so taken with the images of other empowered women, that she convinced herself to pack her bags and meet me for a super quick session.

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“Now I have some beautiful pictures and I’ve been talking non-stop about the experience,” she jokes. Getting ready for headshot sessions takes time. But time is something I am always happy to spend with my clients to ensure they feel ready and raring for their session. I tend to soak up the happy vibes from my clients, following their lead as my ‘to-do’ list narrows to exactly what the client wants and needs. Look again at Hannah’s session.

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We started with formal portraits in a tailored jackets and finished sitting cross-legged on my kitchen stool. To uncover my client’s deepest wishes and delights, I add tweaks to the session as I listen to your feedback. Your smiles, your outfit choices, your expression, and your stance are precious signals and I collect inspiration from many years of working with camera-shy people.

sitting cross legged on the chair cool author sits on stool smiling Actor portrait sitting on stool

My portraits are so fresh and natural you can’t help but smile. No matter how much you dread your portrait session, they always seem a refreshing surprise. And Hannah’s headshots show that in spades. 

Based on the Isle of Wight, Amanda’s work captures the natural beauty and strength of her subjects. For more information or to arrange a complimentary consultation, please call +44 (0)7719316609 or email me at info@amandaherbert.com.

Due to my location on the Isle of Wight, I am also able to conduct business portraits outdoors around Ryde as well as in my Seaview home studio. I’m here to help.


Please contact the Isle of Wight Studio on +44 (0)1983 617383

or Mandy on +44 (0)7719316609 email info@amandaherbert.com or use the contact form below


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