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MY EXPERTISEThanks a bunch for booking your discovery call.

Are you interested in what a photoshoot is like and would love beautiful portraits of yourself as a gift, dating sites, and social media?

If you’re not certain what you want or need, it can be really helpful to go through your ideas and plan a session just for you.

Before I even pick up the camera, we need to be crystal clear on why you need new photos.

So, on our call, we’ll chat about:

  • which service best suits your goals
  • look at the type of photographs you like
  • share the headshot you’re currently using (& tell me why you like it)
  • study client reviews to make sure your message connects with your target audience.
  • gain clarity about the process, pricing, and results you can expect

It’s the first step towards exploring the power of your storytelling headshots and propelling yourself towards success.

Looking forward to chatting soon! 🐿️

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