5 Bad Decisions That Could Ruin Your Headshots

When you don’t like your old headshots, you have to admit – sometimes it’s because of these mistakes.

Sure, you can worry about bad hair days or needing to lose a few pounds. But often, it’s these simple mistakes that gets you frustrated with your old headshots. Perhaps you didn’t prepare for your photoshoot as best you could, or maybe you didn’t get the right advice.

I hate to see my client’s unhappy with their old portraits. So I’ve picked out 5 bad decisions that could ruin your professional headshots to alert you to potential pitfalls. When faced with updating your brand photos, I hope these tips put your mind at ease and help you make the right choices, so you can have the best headshots ever.

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Heard the story about the company director who was still using a professional photograph taken ten years ago? He didn’t read the memo about ‘social selling’ and assumed his old photograph would help him connect with others. There are all sorts of important information in my eBooks describing what happens during a photoshoot, behind the scene photographs of my home studio, what to wear guides, and how to choose the best headshots for your business. Miss something important and your headshot could be ruined before it begins.

What else do you need to do to create the perfect portrait session? More than you might think.

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2. You picked the wrong time.

Photoshoots during the mid-day sun and you’ll find yourself squinting. Portrait sessions right before a big event might leave your planned headshot session feeling frantic. Book your photographer without letting others know what you are going and you’ll find confusions

Pay attention to the early morning or late evening light to make the most of the buttery, summery glow that creates luminous complexions. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed.

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3. You chose the wrong friends

This one is a bit of a curveball.

When trying on your clothes for your headshot session. I recommend showing friends and family. Sit in your clothes. Fold your arms. Ask if they crease across the chest or gape open?

The wrong outfit can make or break your headshot. If your friends say your outfit, “will do” or advise you to try a completely new style, take heed.

Choose wisely and follow the guidelines in your ‘Style Guide’.

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4. You pack the wrong clothes

Show up with a bag full of unsuitable clothes and your headshot session becomes fraught with disappointment. It’s your responsibility to plan ahead, give yourself time to launder and iron your chosen wardrobe and pack more than you think. Packing clothes in a small travel bag or trolley-dolly is ideal, along with a hairbrush, blotting wipes, and two shades of lip-gloss.

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5. You fail to research what photos you want

Confusion is one of the biggest quandaries during a headshot session and my questionnaire protects my clients because it aids clarity and cuts through the bafflement. I plan bespoke sessions around what you need (as well as offering endless guidance and support on the day).

You should also use these 10 things you shouldn’t worry about in your headshot photography session.

Pro tip: Take a snapshot of the type of photographs you like and send them over to your photographer. Explain why you like the photo and ask for the photographer’s advice.

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