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Isle of Wight – Natural Portrait – Professional Photographer

Holly stood there.

Helmet in hand, a broad grin on her face.

We were destined to get on. Our shared talent …….. an ability to laugh at our own jokes.


And we made plenty.


Style and image is important to Holly and she really makes an impact when we meet.

Holly brought a stunning array of beautiful hand selected pieces designed to complement her laid back, understated elegance. With poise, Holly makes jeans and a T-shirt look stylish.


Jeans, Dr Martins and ripped Ts – the perfect siren against the weather beaten ruins in Ryde, for an outdoor portrait session.

It’s clear Holly is a happy person, no matter that’d we’d only just met half an hour ago, the laugher and smiles in these photos are genuine.


Holly is vibrant and fun. Getting along easily, we chatted infectiously walking along the pathways, nattering about college, mopeds and spiders lurking in dark corners.

Holly has devoted most of her life to dancing, training and excelling in all that she does. Holly’s dedication and hard work ensures were sure to be delighted with her performances.


Natural-Portrait-Ryde-Photographer-1When you meet Holly you can expect fun, honest feedback and a surprisingly adventurous outlook. Except when meeting a spider, and I did seem to use all the dusty nooks and crannies for Holly to sit in.

Enjoy wonderful portrait sessions in tranquil settings, with an abundance of helpful tips and guides literally delivered right to your inbox.


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Natural portraits by a East London Photographer

As spring approaches, most families or couples are looking to find a professional photographer. If you don’t your narrow down your choices quickly now, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disheartened. Your initial idea of having some nice photos of the people you love has become troublesome.

Never fear. Finding the right photographer and feeling prepared for your portrait session is possible. Read on for my best tips – 5 tips for taming first time nerves.


Portrait tip 1 – don’t say ‘cheese’

The Victorians had to stand in rigid poses, in the 80′s we grinned rigidly for the camera. Why did we think a chorus of ‘cheeese’ would create a natural smile? Fake features and static poses are banished in my photography. We want a smile that reaches the eyes, a twinkle that reveals your true nature. So when you come to book a natural portrait session with me, expect to have some real fun.Natural-Portrait-London-Photographer

Portrait tip 2 – laugh, a lot

Laughter is infectious. It might start with a titter, giggle or chortle. When you laugh, your whole face will break into a smile and your personality is captured honestly.  During natural portrait sessions, I work hard to make you laugh whether it’s sharing a joke from a Christmas cracker or jumping in with a silly comment. When you have fun, and I mean really enjoy yourself, you’ll find natural expressions break forth.Isle-of-Wight-Portrait-Photographer

Portrait tip 3 – shake it out

Movement creates a natural energy and is one of the best ways to generate natural expressions, full of life. During my natural portrait sessions in London I only take 5 captures before I share the images with you. Allowing lots of down time between each location means we never get staid or rigid.Amanda Herbert Photography (1 of 1)

Portrait tip 4 – ask lots of questions

Meeting a photographer for the first time is a little like a blind date. There may be jitters and excitement all rolled into one. I love to hear your stories and natter with you all through the shoot. As we get to know each other better, the emotion in your eyes as you describe a recent holiday translates into beautiful portraits.Natural-Portrait-London-photographer_0032

Portrait tip 5 – join in the fun

Embrace your natural portrait session with both hands – it might take a little gumption – but joining in the fun is the best way to capture authentic expressions. It might a humming, ‘I’m a barbie girl’ under your breath or twirling like a ballerina. But a little silliness can relieve the tension and banish those nerves.Natural-Portrait-London-photographer

For more advice on natural portrait sessions or to book a natural portrait by a London photographer, get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

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Say “Hi” to Angela,

Friends with Maria and Inma (see more of their sessions here).

She laughs a lot, and is drawn to happiness and joy.


But mostly she’s a loyal friend, knowing when to be there and when to slip away unnoticed.

Angela likes to giggle. It’s easy to make new friends with her. Like today, on a rainy autumn morning.

We don’t notice the blustery wind, but the beauty and light in Angela’s smile, hiding the excitement of being photographed.


Natural-Portrait-London-photographer_0099Spain is home, but somehow she found her way to London. And fell in love with this capital. Angela is happiest touring Trafalgar Square, visiting Camden Town or beside her friends on an iconic double decker bus.

Time spent with friends always feels right.

Meals shared, day trips out, dancing late into the night, long walks, quiet mornings with her host family.

I hope you enjoy these photos of Angela, natural portraits bursting with Angel’s smiles and laughter. Captured quickly, without fuss in East London.

Natural-Portrait-London-photographer_0080Natural-Portrait-London-photographer_0080It’s OK if you feel overwhelmed with finding the right photographer. It’s enough that I can whisk you away for a moment and prove your portraits are going to be fabulous.

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Why I’m so passionate about photographing camera shy Londoners

If you’re one of one of those rare people that feel confident in front of the camera, then I might not be the photographer for you.

If however, you’re one of the majority of people who experience fleeting moments of shyness or lack confidence when having your photograph taken, then my portrait sessions are designed for you.

As a photographer for camera-shy folk, I get my energy and drive from drawing people out of themselves, at soothing giggly nerves and making shy ones feel secure.

When it boils down to it, it doesn’t follow that because you lack confidence you can’t take a good picture. Nor does it mean you can shy away from elegant frames or beautiful backdrops.


My motto?

Appreciate how good you are, right now.

If I had superhero strength, it’d be my ability to take everyday backdrops and turn them into beautiful locations. My secret weapon would be a canny knack at breaking down the daunting task of being photographed, keeping it fun and engaging.Portsmouth Portrait Photographer

I’m a firm believer that everyone should have 1 good photograph of themselves.

So, I’ve devoted most of my life to looking after newcomers wanting bespoke portrait sessions. Making people feel eager to get started, confident their photos will look fabulous.

The moment you share your blog, the excitement of exchanging contacts on a first date, proclaiming your news to the world, via Facebook – you want to put your best face forward.Natural-Portrait-London-Photographer

During my sessions, you can expect me to be calm, organised, prepared. So you’ll feel:

  • confident in your surroundings
  • know exactly what’ll happen, and
  • understand how to stand in front of the camera.

Walthamstow portrait photographer

I’ll listen to your fears and sort out any worries, straight away.

For those of you looking to book a professional photographer, you’ll be delighted to know that I don’t make you smile and say cheese. I use my sense of humour, sensitivity and kindness to create relaxed, easy going sessions.

The need to reach out to people and show them *who they are* is core to what I do. Because of this I work to make your photography session free from stress and worries.

I’ll show you how to overcome your fear of having a photograph taken, so on the day I’ll be your moral support and guiding hand to make sure you know how to look good in front of the camera and delight in the results.

Natural portrait London photographer

It might surprise you to know that:

  • I tell jokes, lots of them
  • I turn drab backdrops into something beautiful
  • I’ll leave no stone unturned to make sure you’re happy

My work matters because everyone deserves to look and feel fabulous (with the photos to prove it!).Natural-Portrait-London-Photographer-1

I’m here to remind you, after a portrait session with me ….. you’ll walk away with your head held high – stronger, confident and eager to face with world with a professional headshot on your website, a believable portrait on your dating website or a welcoming face on your blog.

Natural portrait London photographer_headshots

To sum up:

  1. I love the connection you experience when photographing someone for the first time.
  2. I love to create pictures so beautiful people gasp.
  3. I love the confidence my sessions inspire in others.


My question for you …

What would you like me to sort out ahead of your portrait session?

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Arriving for your natural portrait session in London isn’t just about wearing your everyday clothes or having to splurge in the shops the day before.

Working with a professional photographer means they’ll provide a wide range of helpful and creative session guides covering what to wear, make up for photos and field guides for elegant ways to stand for the camera (ASK TO SEE YOUR WELCOME GUIDE). This article gives you a sample of what available.

Learn ways to dress up your outfits

and feel ready to create stylish images for your adoring public

 1. Outfit One organic neutrals with 1 bright colour and ruby lip gloss

what to wear portrait photography london

2. Outfit Two – chunky knits / cashmere textures

what to wear portrait photographer london 3

3. Outfit Three – bold colours / graphic prints

what to wear portrait photographer london

Photo credits: Polyvore and can seen here: PINTEREST INSPIRATION WHAT TO WEAR

I produce stylish portraits for the modern women that are neither cliched nor formulaic. The portraits in my portfolio are full of character and detail, captured during relaxed sessions that are ever-practical and fun – so they are easy on the purse strings and appreciated by couples or families too.

For more advice on natural portrait sessions or to book a natural portrait by a London photographer, get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

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A guide to understanding your natural portrait session

As someone who tends to feel a little camera shy, you’ll be all too familiar with those glossy photo profiles on social media sites – Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Walthamstow portrait photographer

Yet, are you happy with your photo?

This blog post was written in you in mind, so you can see what goes into a natural portrait session in London. This means you’ll understand what to expect in easy steps and have confidence in your decision to book a professional photographer.Natural-Portrait-London-Photographer-1


The Facts

Most working women contact me when they want their profile image to say a little more –

I publish children’s literature – I want to look professional with a welcoming smile

I run a health food website – I want to look happy, healthy and alive

I run offices throughout London – I need a professional look that isn’t too staged.East-London-Portrait-Photographer (4)

The Myths

Movie theatres have a lot to answer for – common consensus in films finds photographers sitting in front of the computer, hot tea in hand and still wearing out PJs after eleven.  We jump out of our seats for an hour to snap, snap, snap a glamorous model or impossibly happy child.

I love to bust that myth – the truth is a little closer to home. Everyday people book photographers to capture expressive portraits that say something about who they are.

And that’s my mission – to show you how it’s done.

Natural portrait London photographer_headshot

Don’t miss out

If you feel professional photography isn’t for you, you could be missing out on a valuable way to improve your social media profile. Updating your portrait is a fast, easy way to connect with fellow professionals, enhance your on-line reputation and feel good about your on-line identity.

That’s only the start of it.Natural-Portrait-London-Photographer-1


Here’s how to get a piece of that pie

Here at Amanda Herbert Photography I’ve spend every spare moment I have ensuing the best experience possible, to show my clients how to capture authentic portraits, naturally.Natural-Portrait-London-Photographer-3

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My aim is simple – to ensure a truly wonderful experience.  I customise each photo session, from the beginning of the shoot right until your items are delivered. My goal is to personally look after you every step of the way. That way I know you’ll get a service that is second to none.

For more advice on natural portrait sessions or to book a natural portrait by a London photographer, get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.